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Single and Loving it! Vacation Tips for Summer 2015

Single and Loving it! Vacation Tips for Summer 2015







There are advantages to traveling alone with the biggest one being freedom. You can visit what you like when you like and stay somewhere for as long as you like. Traveling alone, however, can have its down sides with the biggest one being cost. Many hotels and cruise ships charge a solo traveler extra for accommodations.

1) Intrepid Traveler
Intrepid Traveler is a tour company that often caters to the single traveler. The tour groups are typically limited to 10 people. The packages range from “Basix” (1- to 2-star hotels) up to “Comfort” (3- to 4-star hotels). Travelers can go just about anywhere they like although a majority of the tour packages are for Africa or Asia. Solo travelers only have to pay a room supplement if they get a single room; if they’re willing to share a room with another traveler of the same sex they don’t pay the supplement.

2) My Huatulco Vacation
My Huatulco Vacation is a collection of condo and villa rentals in Huatulco, Mexico. They range in size from condos for single people to huge estates large enough to be used for weddings. The rentals, no matter their size, come with such perks as access to the grounds of the 5-star resort Celeste Residencies & Spa.

3) Royal Caribbean International
Some of the ships on this cruise line offer “studio” cabins for solo travelers. Renting one ensures that the traveler does not pay the dreaded single supplement which can double the price of accommodations. Many of the ships do indeed travel the Caribbean, but others tour Europe, Asia and the Middle East. A few even roam the Pacific and Atlantic oceans making stops along the way.

4) Southeast Asia Backpacker Trail
Admittedly for the young and adventurous, the backpacker trail does have the advantage of being inexpensive. It begins and ends in Thailand and travels through many other countries including Laos and Vietnam. Tourists can go jungle trekking, visit cities like Bangkok, go to the Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia and go diving. Both the accommodations and the food are inexpensive – especially if tourists stick to local food. Western food is available, but it costs more.

5) TrekAmerica
TrekAmerica is a US-based railway company that offers many tour packages for solo travelers who wish to explore North and Central America. They have smaller group sizes and no single supplement. They offer trips running the gamut from 3-day jaunts to an 80-day journey covering all 48 of the continental states.

As the above list demonstrates, there are now many options for the solo traveler. It takes some digging, but it is possible to find and enjoy a trip without being penalized for traveling alone. Solo travelers can visit almost any country, and they can either rough it backpacking or enjoy the luxuries of a cruise ship.

Top 4 Beach Destinations In The U.S.

beach destinations

Summer is almost here, which means millions of Americans are preparing to flock to the beaches in only a few months. This is the most popular time of the year to book summer vacations, so it’s important to get on it if you haven’t began searching. Whether it’s the excitement of the Jersey Shore, the relaxing beaches of Florida, the sightseeing in Laguna Beach, or the serenity of an Outer Banks rental, below are the top three beach destinations in the U.S.

Cape May, New Jersey
Cape May, New Jersey is a cozy, tight-knit town furthest south off the New Jersey parkway – exit zero. Cape May has won numerous awards for it’s pristine beaches and family-fun attitude. The old Victorian beach houses are painted bright, fun colors and have retained the same charm since they were built, over a hundred years ago. Cape May hosts a variety of restaurants, with the most popular being The Lobster House, as well as many small businesses and family-owned shops. Cape May is home to many nature reserves, as well as museums and the Cape May lighthouse.

Clearwater Beach, Florida
Florida offers a large number of beaches to visit, with Clearwater Beach being among the top. Ideal for both couples and families, Clearwater beach offers a variety of activities such as fishing, dolphin watching, parasailing, as well as a few museums and aquariums to visit. People are drawn to Clearwater due to the white sandy shores and it’s close proximity to Tampa.

Outer Banks, North Carolina
The Outer Banks in North Carolina (also known as OBX) is perhaps one of the most affordable beach destinations. Large modern Outer Banks rental homes offer an ocean view (or beachfront if you’re lucky) and often boast swimming pools and hot tubs. Some popular destinations in the Outer Banks include Corolla, Nags Head, Duck, Manteo, Kill Devil Hills, and Kitty Hawk. North Carolina is known for its excellent golf courses, adding to the list of things to do while vacationing in OBX. The Outer Banks is ideal for beach lovers looking for relaxation.

Laguna Beach, California
Made famous by MTV’s hit series, Laguna Beach, the town is among the most fashionable in the state. Many people choose Laguna Beach not only for its pristine beaches, but the Hollywood-esque culture. Laguna Beach is located in Orange County and is full of artistic culture. Whether you’re spending the day out on the town or unwinding on the sandy beaches, Laguna Beach is a top vacation destination.

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Planning For Summer

perfect vacation

Spring is right around the corner and before you know it, your dream vacation homes will be all booked up. It’s time to start planning for your summer trips and getaways while they’re still available. Whether you’re looking to sneak away to an all-inclusive, have a family-friendly romp in a theme park or head overseas for some sightseeing, we’ve got you covered.


Step 1 – Find a Place to Stay

Once you figure out what kind of trip you want to take, you’ll need to center your plans around your accommodations. Renting a vacation home, in many cases, is a cost-effective way to blend comfort and convenience, and will often be more inexpensive than a hotel room. Plus, the advantages you get with a kitchen, living room and driveway could be invaluable in many destinations.

Step 2 – Clear Your Schedule

This should arguably be done first, but it’s a lot easier to get out of a time commitment when you’ve already booked your vacation home. Regardless, be the first one to request the time off and you’ll avoid that headache altogether. Mark it off on every calendar you own so you don’t accidentally make plans. And when it comes time for your trip, clear any pending obligations beforehand so you’re not worrying while you’re on the beach.


Step 3 – Travel Smart

Sometimes, getting there is half the battle – whether you want it to be or not. Do your best to streamline your travel and you’ll maximize your away-time. Don’t be afraid to spend the extra $50 on a flight that is scheduled at a much more convenient time. If the cheaper itinerary brings you in late at night and flies you home early in the morning, you’ve lost an extra day and a half simply by being tired at the start and calling it an early night in the end.

Step 4 – Pack Light

It’s okay, this is where most of us fall short. Packing light is a very valuable skill, especially when travelling far and by air. There are a few important things to note: will there be laundry facilities where you are staying? Will you need room for souvenirs on the way home? And will you really need more than 2 pair of socks in the Bahamas? Put some thought into your packing and you will thank yourself when you’re invariably running late, dragging your suitcase down the terminal.

Step 5 – Enjoy!

Above all else, have a great time. That is why you’re taking a trip, right? Once you’ve cleared your schedule, booked one of those vacation homes, and stuffed your snorkel into your suitcase, your mind should be on one thing alone: enjoying yourself.

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Summer Is Coming. Do You Have Your Summer Vacation Plans Ready Yet?

summer vacation

Are you tired of winter yet? Don’t worry! Although the trees are bare right now and every day brings new reports of flurries, spring is coming – the groundhog told us so. And even if you don’t trust land beavers with your weather forecasts, you can count on the fact that the warm weather will come soon enough, so now is the time to plan your summer vacation. And who does summer better than Cape Cod? Cape Cod is a beautiful destination all year round, but especially during the winter months. Let’s take a look at some reasons you might want to consider a Cape Cod rental this summer.

  • The Black Cat Tavern:  A favorite among locals and those who call themselves seasonal residents, The Black Cat Tavern  is known for its native seafood, juicy burgers and light, beautiful salads. You’ll be wowed by the newly renovated dining rooms and outside patio. Where else would you want to see the impressive yachts and boats come to shore than The Black Cat Tavern? You can find The Black Cat Tavern on the docks in Hyannis Harbor.
  • Cape Cod Inflatable Park: This one is a favorite among kids and adults who want to feel like kids again. For a small admissions fee of just $15, you can experience slides, bouncers, playgrounds, obstacle courses and more. Cape Cod Inflatable Park is sure to get your kids excited and provide loads of family fun.  You can find Cape Cod Inflatable Park in South Dennis, right past Patriot’s Square. The park is open from July 1st to Labor Day.
  • The Little Beach Gallery: Let’s say you want to see great art that will arouse your creativity and open your imagination. The Little Beach Gallery is the perfect stop. Jen Villa, the owner and a photographer herself, created The Little Beach Gallery to show off Hyannis and the Atlantic Ocean as she has seen it her entire life. You can find the works of fifteen local artists here, so be prepared to be amazed.

These are just some of the reasons a Cape Cod rental is so popular during the summer months. If you’re looking for a fun and inspiring time this summer, you can’t go wrong with the easternmost point in Massachusetts. Cape Cod offers activities, attractions and dining opportunities for the entire family, so now is the time to be prepared. Summer is coming eventually. The question is will you be ready? 

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