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5 Things You Have to Try in Thailand


Whenever you visit a new place, you find yourself overwhelmed with new locations to visit and new things to try. In a vast and culturally wealthy country like Thailand, prioritizing is the key to a successful visit. Among the stunning landscapes, from remote jungles to funky flat rice fields, archeological and architectural marvels such as old city ruins, Buddhist monasteries and royal palaces; it is hard to pick out what to see and in what order. In the delicious plethora known as the local cuisine, it is hard to determine what to try first, and what to try without exception. For this reason, we have compiled this short list, consisting of the 5 things everyone should do when visiting Thailand. Here’s to a great post-trip traveler’s diary, courtesy of you!



The first thing to visit when in the capital is The Great Palace. Situated in the heart of Bangkok, this remarkable structure, built towards the end of the 18th century, represents a true monument of Thai architecture and serves as a marvelous example of the skill of some of the best Thai craftsman. Within the high walls lie some of the most important ministries of the Thai government. Rare is the active bureaucratic center with entrance permissible to tourists, and The Great Palace is such a structure.

When in Bangkok, make sure to partake in its flashy nightlife. You will see Thailand in a whole new light, as a real 21st century metropolis. Beaming with great clubs, generous people and a streaming river of alcohol and tourists with one thing in mind – having a great time!

The next thing you should definitely do when in Thailand is to have a go at bartering in one of the floating markets. The boat merchants sell local goods, most often fresh fruit, coconut milk and a great variety of cooked meals. Elevate your stay in Thailand to a holiday of your dreams as you embrace the culture. Discuss prices with the merchants and learn a recipe or two, all the time sitting on a shallow wooden boat in the middle of a great river. What a sensory overload!

The Phi Phi Islands, located only an hour and a half away from Phuket by a ferryboat, are considered some of the most beautiful beach islands in Southeast Asia. They are reputed tourist attraction, visited annually by hundreds. With stunning rock formations decorating the classic tropical beaches and beautifully tranquil turquoise waters, and a spotlight in a James Bond movie, they truly are one of the most beautiful Thai jewels.



Last but not least, one of the more fun things to try out in Thailand: explore the jungle on an elephant! Sure you may have sat on an elephant when you went to the circus as a child, but the experience out in the wild, swaying under the lush jungle flora – something else entirely. These elephant treks are often parts of adventure packages, available with most tour operators, and they are often combined with rafting and a stay in wayside bungalows. And that is some Mowgli-style action right there!

Whatever you choose to do in Thailand with your own time is your choice. This list contains some of the better known, best rated experiences, in the words of Thai-trip veterans. Essentially, any exotic destination will leave you both relaxed and restless, and it is only up to you to decide how far away from the regular route you wish to step from.

Featured image credit: By Milei.vencel (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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Dental Tourism In Bangkok, Thailand

health tourism

Dental tourism in Bangkok has over the recent years developed into a flourishing enterprise. People from all over the world, head to Bangkok for various dental treatments. The numbers of dental tourists visiting Bangkok has witnessed a sharp raise and for good reason. Bangkok is beginning to be recognized as a city of highly qualified and skilled dentists with facilities that match international standards. Most dentists have studied and trained in the best dental colleges. They are experienced, competent and deliver what you want, all at a fraction of the cost you’d have to pay back home.


Factors Necessary before Making a Dental Appointment

Guidelines always come in handy, more so if you are traveling to Bangkok for a dental appointment. Here are a few important things that you need to do before proceeding to a clinic in Bangkok.

Plan ahead – Dentists in Bangkok are a busy lot. Don’t expect to walk into a clinic and be attended to immediately, unless of course it is an emergency. Plan ahead, and take an appointment a few weeks in advance. Confirm your appointment before going through with your plans.

Act with prudence – Check the rates for dental procedures at various clinics before deciding on one. You will be surprised at the varying price differences. Act with discretion and avoid selecting a clinic just because it is the cheapest. Look for reviews and do a bit research before picking a clinic.

How Much Do Dental Treatments Cost In Bangkok

Though the prices may vary between clinics, the one thing that you will find in common in all clinics is that they all have a printed price card. This offers not just convenience, but you are also assured there will be no hidden cost that you will be required to pay up after the treatment. All the expenses are listed in black and white and you need to just pick the one that suits your pocket the best. That said you are definitely going to be surprised to notice that the cost of treatments is far less than what you would pay a dentist in the US.

Here is a look at approximate rates different clinic charge for various treatments:

Root Canal – The price for root canal treatment is an unbelievable 4,800 to 8,800 baht. This translates into you paying between $155 and $285 for root canal treatment, per tooth.

Fixing of Crown – The rates for fixing new crowns depends on the material being used. If you plan to have a Palladium based crown then you will need to shell out just about 10,000 baht, which when converted into US$ works out to be around $325.

Services Offered at Clinics

Clinics, you will find are very accommodating, especially if you are a foreigner. They will willingly fix an appointment for you even on the weekend. What’s better perhaps is they will arrange for an interpreter so there are no communication problems. Clinics will also suggest hotel accommodation at your request.

Book an Appointment Online

An appointment at a dental clinic in Bangkok can be made online. You can ask for quotes which clinics send you online. Compare the prices and fix an appointment.

Dental tourism in Bangkok is here to stay. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time you give it a shot.

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Marek Novak is a travel writer currently located in Bangkok, Thailand. One of his favorite dental clinics in Bangkok is Smile Studio on Silom Road.

Tips For Traveling In Thailand


If you have been thinking of taking a trip to Thailand then knowing what to do when you get there can be very helpful as opposed to just showing up and winging it. Traveling alone requires come creativity. You do after all want to get the most out of the experience.

First things first, if you are planning to make this trip for the first time it is a pretty good idea to brush up on the local laws and culture. There are some places that something may be completely normal to us and be a sign of outright disrespect in another region. A guide book like Lonely Planet is ideal for this. Some mild language skills could help as well. A GPS isn’t a bad idea either for your rental car.


Now that you are all set, let’s go over some local hot spots for the solo traveler.  Many couple and single travelers want to see some of the famous bar scenes. In Bangkok, Patpong is very seedy and should be avoided due the volume of scams. Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy are interesting to wonder through ad both very safe, and are designated police safety zones now. These are actually a very fun and engaging places. The locals are nice, and there are a lot of activities waiting for you there. It is a great place to explore, and meeting others is very easy.

GPS Assistant 

A GPS Navigation system can help you find all of the local points of interest that are good for you. Most smart phones have this function already. This is the easiest way to find the spots that you are sure to love, and remember, while meeting others use your good judgment. While most people are honest and upstanding individuals that are excited to see you there will be some who are of the shady sorts. Like anywhere else it always pays to be cautious when visiting Thailand.


Lodging for one is normally easy to find, and the nightlife in Thailand is fantastic, use your travel guide to find beach bungalows from $15 a night near Phuket. They have an excellent social scene that you are going to love. There is a very diverse crowd there, and you are going to run into a lot of really nice folks that will make you welcome. This is defiantly a trip you can take alone and still enjoy every minute of it. They have great weather, making the leisure day time activities just as enjoyable.

From the cuisine, to the shopping and the activities going on throughout the day there is no shortage of things you can do. Sightseeing in this culture rich and historic city is a lot of fun too.

With beautiful landscaping and amazing shows there will be so much to choose from that you won’t know where to begin. You can definitely make a full vacation out of it, and you will still want to come back to experience some things that you may have missed.

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John travels around Thailand writing about his adventures on the Gogo Florist site. He also is considered an expert on Thai native orchids and conducts design workshops for florist in Bangkok where he can be contaced on G+.

Dental Tourism in Thailand Gives You More Reasons for a Perfect Smile


Many countries in Asia have become popular for those tourists who’re looking for cheaper destinations as far as medical tourism is concerned, especially in regard of dental tourism. European and North American countries offer the best treatment procedures, the state of the art equipment, and highly qualified medical professionals but all these come at a price which is beyond the reach of most. Apart from that, one also has to cough up more in terms of traveling, accommodation, and all other related costs when travelling to the USA, UK, France or Germany than when travelling to countries in Asia such as Thailand.

Thailand’s popularity as a hotspot destination is increasing not only because of its pristine beaches and exotic islands but also because it offers affordable dental procedures and treatments. People from US, UK, Italy and other parts of the world have started viewing Thailand as a cosmetic surgery destination owing to its realistic prices. With well-trained doctors who speak excellent English and with articulate surgical expertise of International standards, Thailand is being reviewed by many in a new light as a dental surgical destination.

Why Chose Thailand Over Other Countries?

According to medical surveys and reports, the cost of a typical dental procedure like Invisalign treatment or root canal treatment can be just 10% of what it would cost in USA or Sweden. Do you need a better reason for opting for a dental vacation in Thailand? Although, the term ‘medical tourism in Thailand’ might sound a little bizarre and border on the mystical as most people are attuned to hearing about holiday tours titled ‘Beach tourism Thailand’ or ‘honeymoon tour Thailand’ . But believe it or not, every year more than 1 million tourists are rushing to Thailand for top notch dental treatments at affordable rates. You’d be making a right decision if you chose to visit Thailand for a dental procedure.

The Standalone Reasons for Choosing Thailand for a Dental Tourism

Following are the reasons why you should prefer Thailand over UK or USA for a dental vacation:

Quality of treatment is at par with the countries that are considered to be medically advanced like the USA, Canada, UK and Germany. Cost of treatment is considerably less than the cost in developed countries. In fact, compared to what you’d pay for a crown or a root canal treatment, in say, Norway, you’d be paying far less in Thailand. You’d also be paying less in terms of traveling cost, accommodation, travel in the city, food, and other related expenses. You’d be paying less in terms of doctors’ fees, aftercare fees and medication fees and so on.

Thailand is centrally located in South East Asia and Bangkok has flight connections to almost every country in the world. There are more than 130 private hospitals that are staffed with dentists and other medical professionals who have earned their medical degrees from USA. Apart from the private hospitals, there are a number of frontline and premier dental clinics that offers the entire gamut of dental treatments that you think of.

A complete range of dental procedures like Invisalign treatments, root canal treatment, porcelain and ceramic veneers, crowns, bridges, oral surgery, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry and several other dental treatments are available at leading private hospitals and dental clinics.

Specialized procedures such as transparent supporters or aligners for correcting teeth misalignment, instant functional implants, and hybrid implants are offered.

Thai dentists in Bangkok have skills that are comparable with those of the best dentists the world over. Most of these dentists are certified members of global dental associations and societies including the Dental Association of Thailand.

Contrary to popular belief, dentists, medical professionals and nurses connected with the dental treatment sector in Thailand, can speak English fluently. Most private clinics and hospitals offering dental treatment services have collaborations with inns and hotels that are situated within the periphery of such clinics and hospitals. Visitors from neighboring countries like Malaysia and Singapore can get to Thailand by bus or train.

Treatment Cost of a Dental Procedure in Thailand

As has been mentioned above, cost of treatment for any dental procedure is almost one-tenth of what it’d cost in medically advanced countries and on top of that, you can enjoy a vacation along with the treatment in the same amount as what you’d spend on dental fixtures alone in the US. You can always go online and request for a free quotation for the dental procedure you’re seeking. After your treatment is successfully complete, you can charge your batteries by exploring the sights and sounds of Thailand.

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John Chen is a travel writer currently located in Bangkok, Thailand.

Traveling In Pattaya Thailand


Thailand is one of those magical places where the energy always seems to be ebbing and flowing, making sure you are never bored but still get to relax. There are many places to visit in Thailand, but one of the most popular places for tourists to visit is still the seaside paradise that is Pattaya. This gorgeous escape by the sea is indeed one of the places you have to go to when you are in Thailand because it manages to combine the relaxing beach atmosphere with the hopping energy brought by cafes, bars, and Muay Thai gyms dotting the area. If you are in Thailand and are planning on a trip to Pattaya, there are some traveling tips you need to know about so you are assured of one of the greatest vacations ever.

Accommodation In Pattaya

The first thing you have to keep in mind has to do with accommodation. If you are traveling in a big group during the peak seasons and want to stay in a resort villa then be advised that you have to book in advance. Not only will you get better rates but you are assured that there is a villa to accommodate all of the people in your group. If you are traveling alone and you are on a budget then there is no need to book in advance as there are plenty of pocket-friendly resorts you can check into.

Food in Pattaya

When it comes to food, you don’t have to spend too much either because there are plenty of delicious street food you can try out. Everyone knows the food in Thailand is to die for, but if you want something more upscale, there is a mall you can go where you can get Western food or the more upscale versions of Thai street food.

Image: (CC BY-ND 2.0) By: Clayirving

Clothing Etiquette

Then there is the whole thing about what to wear. While you can wear whatever you want on the beaches and on the streets of Pattaya, they do have some very strict rules regarding what you wear to their temples. If you like to wear as little clothes as possible to beat the heat make sure you bring some shawls to cover your knees and your legs when you go to places like the Sanctuary of Truth or other temples. They will not let you in if you do not comply with clothing requirements.

Flowers and Gardens in Pattaya

The city has many beautiful gardens that are landscaped with great attention to detail. The largest one of these is also a well-known local tourist attraction called Nong Nooch Gardens. This is an amazing display of exotic plants and flowers that are simply breathtaking. Many people also use beautiful fresh delivered flowers in Pattaya to break down the language barrier with a new found friends. Flowers can say a lot in Thailand, and different colors have significant meanings. Do not be shy to get advice from an experienced florist regarding the Thai culture when have is your sending flowers.

Pattaya is indeed a heaven where you can get good food, a tan, and lounge by the beach. You can even do some shopping in their malls. Just remember though that the culture of the Thais precedes your own beliefs as you are in their country after all. Try not to do anything that will offend the people so you can really have a great time without any hassle.

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GoGo florist is the leading flower delivery service in Pattaya. They deliver every day of the year and have an exclusive same day delivery by real florists and include photos of the delivery.

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