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Must Visit Attractions in Italy



Picture perfect landscape, magnificent historic buildings, convivial people, ruins of empire and bustling art and culture scene make Italy is a timeless beauty that catches attention of tourists from around the world. The praise and admiration for this European destination keeps pouring which is a fine specimen of western civilisation. Its geographical diversity also adds to beauty. Stunning mountain like Alps and the Dolomites add imparts a stunning backdrop while Etna – an active volcano – shows that the country is not devoid of natural wonders. Cities like Rome, Florence and Venice make sure you will get best of the urban experience. Visitors find it hard to resist the allures of Italy tourism.

As the country is very vast it is practically impossible to explore each and every tourist attraction of the land. Here we sum up top tourists attractions. So join us on a fabulous trip to Italy.

Palazzo Pitti

This fabulous renaissance palace is home to country’s most notorious family, the Medici. A visit to this palace will change your concept of wealth, status and luxury. On their visit the tourists can explore the palace and take a look of its artistic treasures. There are several museums in the buildings where one can spend some quality time. And if it is not enough one can visit majestic Boboli Gardens to spend some serene moments in this stunning garden.


This former Greek colony founded in sixth century BC is now one of the most picturesque sights in Italy. Some magnificent Greek temples and an array of ancient ruin make this city a hot favourite among people.

Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte in Andria offers a stunning look of the beautiful countryside. Referred by UNESCO as a “unique piece of medieval military architecture”, the castle catches attention with its unique structure.

Saint Mark’s Basilica & the Doge’s Palace

Situated in the beautiful city of Venice Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace is one of the highly admired tourist attractions in Italy. This is one of the most stunning cathedrals in the city. Tourists visit Doge’s Palace to visit its popular attractions.

San Lorenzo Maggiore

San Lorenzo Maggiore is one of the most striking churches in the city of Naples. The church located exactly at the sight of historic center of the ancient Greek-Roman city is highly frequented by the tourists. The tourists can also visit the museum that speaks volumes about archaeological excavations here.

With so much to offer in terms of tourists attractions tourists find themselves spoilt for choice when their flight to Rome touches the tarmac.

Tourism – Getting Around To Those Fabulous Sites And Events

Getting around any place you vacation takes some planning and expectation for the unexpected. Being a tourist involves getting to those great sites or events in which you are interested. It can certainly be kind of tricky. Tourism is major for many cities and there are ways to get around.

You have several options for getting around. These include:

  • Renting a car
  • Taking city transportation
  • Tour guides
  • Walking
  • Using taxicabs

Car Rental

Now, depending on where the events or sites are located, you can choose what is simplest. Obviously, renting a car gives you total control over your time and getting to where you want to go. Budgetary issues can make car rental a challenge or not knowing the city. However, other options are available.

You can also plan car rental for specific days. If the activity plans for the day include a full day, this may certainly be the best route to take. Depending on where you stay, a car rental may be the only option if the place is secluded or on the outskirts of the city.

Public Transportation

You can take public transportation. This means making yourself knowledgeable about the system. Find out what buses take you where, the cost as well as where the boarding places are. Public transportation also allows you to see the city because you take in sites and surrounding areas while someone else does the driving.

The Chamber of Commerce typically has this visitor information for most cities. If not, there are other organizations that have it. Do the research while you plan your vacation. This alleviates the anxiety when you arrive.

Another thing to consider is if children are included in the trip. Public transportation and tour guides add excitement while allowing you the opportunity to make the trip a delightful family experience.

Tour Guides

Tour buses are available in most cities. Depending on where you choose to stay, the hotel may sponsor the pick-up of tourists for highlighted sites and events in the city. You can also make specific tour arrangements if you have interests other than those obvious to your vacationing place.


Not only is this good exercise, it can be an exciting time for all involved. If the event or site is in walking distance of your hotel, you can have a great time exploring the immediate surroundings.


Taxicabs are expensive. There is no way around this. However, you can use this option when you have special night events. A night at the opera or dinner and dancing are events that make the expense well worth it. This information can be found out while researching your vacation site.
A very important part of tourism is researching the city where you are going. The best mode of transportation can certainly depend on where you are located and the sites you want to see. It can also depend on the events you have scheduled. The really beneficial part of planning how you get around as a tourist is getting the most enjoyment out of where you are going.

John Nestor is a content writer who has travelled extensively. During his expeditions, he realized that it was quite difficult to move from one place to another while in a foreign country. This led to his covering topics like airport car rental in Toronto which is aimed at helping tourists who come to Canada get around easily.

Urban Devotion: Why New Yorkers Love New York

New York is famous for many things:  landmarks, attractions, entertainment, and an energy unlike any other city on Earth.  New York is also famous for fiercely devoted residents – and there are over eight million of them – who love their city.  People from all over the world have relocated to New York City and call it home.  Despite the high cost of living and population density of New York City (Manhattan is the most expensive and densely populated urban area in the United States), residents understand that the benefits of living in the city far outweigh the challenges.

So what makes New York such a great place to live?  Every resident might have a unique answer, but there are some characteristics that set New York apart from any other city in the world:

  • Cultural Diversity – New York City has long been an initial destination for immigrants from around the world.  Around the turn of the 20th century, millions left hardship in Europe for the promise of a better life in America.  Many of them stayed in New York, settling ethnic enclaves whose cultural roots are still visible today.  Over the course of the 20th century, immigrants from other parts of the world – Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia – have settled in and made New York their home.  Today, about a third of the population of New York City is foreign-born.  The result of this steady stream of newcomers is evident in every corner of the city.  Ethnic restaurants, shops, neighborhoods and celebrations contribute to a rich and diverse identity for the city and its residents. 
  • Economic Diversity – As a center of the global economy, New York City is major hub of many industries.  Employment opportunities exist in industries such as banking and finance, media and advertising, entertainment and hospitality, fashion and the arts, world trade, and many more.  In addition, thousands of workers are needed in the trades and services industries to keep such a big city running smoothly.  New York is home to individuals at every level of education and income bracket, and this economic diversity is reflected in the housing market and economy of the city. 
  • Entertainment Diversity – It’s hard to imagine being bored in New York City, because there are virtually limitless opportunities for entertainment in every neighborhood.  Venues like the Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, the theaters of Broadway, and many more make New York a premiere destination for the performing arts.  Sports enthusiasts can tour, and maybe even catch a game, in the new Yankee Stadium, Madison Square Garden.  Foodies can choose from the thousands of restaurants throughout the city, offering everything from a slice of New York style pizza to some of the most highly-rated cuisine in the world.  No matter what you like to do, you can find it in New York.

When you’re ready to become a New Yorker, let Manhattan Management Group find the perfect place for you to call home.

Harold Mabugest loves New York, coffee, and writing. He is currently a content creator for Manhattan Management Group.

Yachting Holidays In The Outer Hebrides



The Outer Hebrides is a vibrant holiday place for artists, nature lovers, walkers, wildlife enthusiasts and any other person who is simply looking forward to relax and unwind. Known as one of the best places for sailing, the landscapes here are expansive with many bird reserves and other areas of conservation. Sailing past the gorgeous coastlines of this wild place, and encountering rare wildlife and marine life during Yachting holidays in the Outer Hebrides are truly spectacular.

Sailing on the Yacht along the Outer Hebrides

The Outer Hebrides has several places to offer to every type of traveller. Sailing in this area is completely ruled by the winds and the weather forecast. Hence, there was no particular itinerary that we followed. The World Heritage Site of St. Kilda exemplifies unspoilt beauty, while the vibrant marine life makes the journey worth every moment. There are beautiful coastlines along with some extremely stunning mooring havens in this region.

The Islands in Outer Hebrides

The islands located here have their own historical significance and are full of music, drama, culture and literature. We started our trip from the south with the Isle of Lewis, which is the most populous and the largest island. It has some world renowned archaeological sites, which includes the Neolithic ‘Callanish Stones’, the Norse mill house, the Pictish Carloway Broch among several others.

Drinishader, Hebrides

Moving north, the North Uist is a stunning place with a blend of beaches and rugged moorlands that are an absolute delight for adventure seekers. The beaches are dotted with seals and have a magnificent coastline with freshwater lochs. A causeway links North Uist to the Isle of Grimsay, which has a bustling harbour, Kallin. The gorgeous Isle of Berneray is located at the north and is also one among the favourite destinations of Prince Charles.

At the Isle of Benbecula, one can witness a landscape of small islets and islands along with several interesting monuments. Well-laid out cottages and stunning expanses of deep sandy bays that offer a breathtaking view are some of the other attractions. With over 20 miles of marvelous white shell beaches along with dunes and machair land spread out with beautiful flowers and wildlife, South Uist also has a truly dramatic landscape. It is also renowned for becoming the watery grave to SS Politician ship that sank at the Isle of Eriskay. Our last stopover was at the the Isle of Barra, which is the tiniest island in the region and is home to plenty of dolphins. The most spectacular part of this island is its airport that has a beach for the runway!

Wildlife at Outer Hebrides

Outer Hebrides is known for its unspoilt beauty and has a variety of beautiful species of exotic birds and wildlife. It is home to many iconic and rare species, such as the golden eagle, whale, basking shark, puffins, otter, corncrake and dolphins. The uninhabited islands in the Outer Hebrides are peaceful and have several deserted silver sandy beaches. During summers, the view of these beaches blending with the turquoise blue water is simply brilliant, while the machair lands turn into a colourful carpet with rare and beautiful flowers.

A yachting holiday in the Outer Hebrides is a wonderful experience that combines adventure with beauty. While you bask in the most stunning landscapes, you also sight rare species frequently and are able to explore isolated and beautiful locations. This place truly lets you unwind as you watch the natural world go by in a peaceful and relaxing day.

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Tom Silsby is an avid sailor and blogger who enjoys adventure sailing and windsurfing. He is a blogger at and frequently teaches VHF radio courses for sailing. His hobbies include climbing, hill walking and yachting.

How to Save Money on Your Next Holiday

Why Save?

There are a number of reasons to try to save money when booking a holiday. For those on a budget saving money is often the difference between having a holiday or not, while for families it can influence spending money and activities that take place during the break itself.

Several methods of saving what you spend on a holiday have become popular in recent years, and we looked at some of the best ideas.

Book Later

While this isn’t an ideal scenario for those who like to be organised and need to organise time off work and someone to look after their cat, there is no doubting that lucrative savings can be enjoyed when booking at the last minute.

Many of the reductions that holiday companies offer have to be seen to be believed, and you can often pick up a holiday for next to nothing a day or two before departure if the agency is looking just to avoid a total loss.

Search for Deals

While booking later is great for singles and groups of friends, booking early is often the only option you have when you have a family. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t numerous opportunities to save money, however. Many holiday bookers will offer substantial discounts or even free child places to families that book a certain length of time before a holiday.

Look out for when holiday brochures launch, too, as you can often take advantage of ‘limited time only’ offers.

Relocation Vehicles

A growing trend is for people to take holidays based on the availability of relocation vehicles. These are cars and campervans that hire operators’ needs to get back to a particular town or city. The cheapest way for these businesses to do that is to offer them to consumers free, so all they have to do is fill up the fuel when they get the vehicle back.

You could theoretically enjoy a holiday with free travel then, and with some savvy organisation tour all around a country or continent only having to pay out for accommodation. Target relocation campervans, however, and you won’t even have to pay for that!

Think About Your Holiday

What types of holiday do you typically take? If you are a 5-star resort, all-inclusive type of person, then this is naturally going to cost a lot of money. For those looking to save, a ‘back to basics’ holiday such as camping can be a refreshing change and much cheaper. It will also leave you looking forward to your next high-end holiday in a plush resort!

This article was written by Transfercar, an online service conducting campervan relocations by offering consumers the opportunity to drive them from one location to another at a cheap cost, although usually free.

Top 4 Things to Consider When Visiting London

Visiting London

Capital Gains

As London is such a huge city, anyone visiting the capital of the United Kingdom would be crazy not to plan what they are going to do beforehand. Naturally, as with any holiday or visit to an unfamiliar place, you will have likely already made decisions around how you are getting there and where you will be staying, if necessary. Therefore, we aren’t going to recommend the best airline or hotel for when you get there, but look at the considerations you should make for within London itself.

What should you think about beforehand, and why is it worth doing so?

Getting Around

Amazingly, people do still make the trip to London without knowing how they are going to get around when they are there. The biggest part of this is being prepared, and pre-paid travelcards or an Oyster card can go a long way to ensuring that you are ready to tackle London however you wish.

You generally still need cash for taxis though, which is worth bearing in mind.

Your Purpose

Why are you headed to London? Asking yourself that question will enable you to plan the rest of your activities when you are in the city. If you aren’t sure as to why you are visiting London then you will probably find yourself doing a little bit of some things, but not truly experiencing anything great that the city has to offer.

Where to Go

This leads directly on from your purpose, but now you’re looking at where you might specifically visit. Chances are that you will have a long list of things to do and see. Be honest with yourself, are you realistically going to fit everything in. Do you just simply want to “see” everything, or do you want to visit places and get a real feel for what they’re all about?

If anything, prioritising what you want to see will at least help to create your “to do” list for the next time you visit.

Eating Out

As humans are creatures of habit, whenever we visit a new place we tend to stick to trusted brand names whenever we want a drink or something to eat. Why travel somewhere new and then head to McDonald’s though?

While you can pick up a travel guide or just ask around the local area for the best places to eat, try looking up London forums online or restaurant review websites. Like most cities, the hidden gems of London are often down the backstreets and alleyways where you least expect to find them.

As a tourist destination, London is a city like no other, and to truly enjoy the experience you should plan as much of your trip as possible before heading there.

This article was written by Fare Exchange. Fare Exchange is a lead generation company focusing on the taxi industry, putting customers in touch with Canary Wharf taxis so they can travel around London with ease.

Top Summer Music Festivals of the Globe

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival - Day 3

When summer is upon us, the festival season is in full swing. From hip-hop and dance to pop and indie, there are plenty of options to suit every musical taste. Here, you’ll find a list of the top summer music festivals to add to your bucket list.

Glastonbury – England, UK

Glastonbury is Britain’s biggest music festival and welcomes over 150,000 attendees every year. Also known as Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, the multi-genre event has been running since the ‘70s, taking a year off here and there to give the extensive grounds a well-earned rest. The difference is that Glastonbury has all the best aspects of being at a Festival in one astonishing bundle.

Bonnaroo – Tennessee, USA

This event, which attracts around 80,000 campers annually, is based on a farm in Manchester, Tennessee. Known for its hippy atmosphere, the festival features a range of genres from gospel and electornica to jazz. If you are interested in this once in a lifetime experience, be sure to book in advance though, as this Southern festival sells out very quickly.

Splendour in the Grass – Bryon Bay, Australia

One of the largest festivals in Australia, Splendour in the Grass boasts around 30,000 concert goers each July. Located just outside Byron Bay, the festival is held in Belongil fields on the east coast and has been held annually since 2001. If you’re thinking of attending this event you’ll have to be quick, as this year organisers saw tickets sell out in a record time of just under 45 minutes, with camping spots snapped up in 10 minutes.

RockNess – Scotland

Located on the iconic Loch Ness, RockNess is the Scotland’s largest music festival, taking place every June and attracting crowds between 25,000 and 30,000. Although there is a large range of genres, the music fits the event’s name and is generally dance, pop and indie, with previous acts including, Fatboy Slim and The Strokes.

Mallorca Rocks/Ibiza Rocks – Ibiza and Mallorca, Spain

Ibiza rocks is a three-month long festival that lasts throughout the the summer, from June to September in the Ibiza Rocks Hotel. Each concert takes place every Wednesday. If you’re not able to get tickets for this be sure to check out Mallorca Rocks, its sister festival, which takes place in Magaluf and takes centre stage every Thursday.

Independence Rock – India

If rocking out is your forte, the country’s largest music festival in Mumbai could be the event of the summer for you. The two-day event is held at Chitrakoot Grounds in the Maharashtra capital. The weekend includes mostly metal, indie, hard rock and experimental genres, but unfortunately there’s no Bollywood in sight.

Music festivals are a great way to leave your hectic lifestyle at home and pitch tent with a few close friends. Try to pick a festival which will suit your music needs and tastes, and remember, don’t forget any of your essentials!

This blog was written by Daniel Travis – Brown, a keen, experienced traveller on behalf of SkyParkSecure. If you’re jetting off to a festival this year, why not keep your car  safe and secure for an unbeatable price.

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