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5 Things You Have to Try in Thailand


Whenever you visit a new place, you find yourself overwhelmed with new locations to visit and new things to try. In a vast and culturally wealthy country like Thailand, prioritizing is the key to a successful visit. Among the stunning landscapes, from remote jungles to funky flat rice fields, archeological and architectural marvels such as old city ruins, Buddhist monasteries and royal palaces; it is hard to pick out what to see and in what order. In the delicious plethora known as the local cuisine, it is hard to determine what to try first, and what to try without exception. For this reason, we have compiled this short list, consisting of the 5 things everyone should do when visiting Thailand. Here’s to a great post-trip traveler’s diary, courtesy of you!



The first thing to visit when in the capital is The Great Palace. Situated in the heart of Bangkok, this remarkable structure, built towards the end of the 18th century, represents a true monument of Thai architecture and serves as a marvelous example of the skill of some of the best Thai craftsman. Within the high walls lie some of the most important ministries of the Thai government. Rare is the active bureaucratic center with entrance permissible to tourists, and The Great Palace is such a structure.

When in Bangkok, make sure to partake in its flashy nightlife. You will see Thailand in a whole new light, as a real 21st century metropolis. Beaming with great clubs, generous people and a streaming river of alcohol and tourists with one thing in mind – having a great time!

The next thing you should definitely do when in Thailand is to have a go at bartering in one of the floating markets. The boat merchants sell local goods, most often fresh fruit, coconut milk and a great variety of cooked meals. Elevate your stay in Thailand to a holiday of your dreams as you embrace the culture. Discuss prices with the merchants and learn a recipe or two, all the time sitting on a shallow wooden boat in the middle of a great river. What a sensory overload!

The Phi Phi Islands, located only an hour and a half away from Phuket by a ferryboat, are considered some of the most beautiful beach islands in Southeast Asia. They are reputed tourist attraction, visited annually by hundreds. With stunning rock formations decorating the classic tropical beaches and beautifully tranquil turquoise waters, and a spotlight in a James Bond movie, they truly are one of the most beautiful Thai jewels.



Last but not least, one of the more fun things to try out in Thailand: explore the jungle on an elephant! Sure you may have sat on an elephant when you went to the circus as a child, but the experience out in the wild, swaying under the lush jungle flora – something else entirely. These elephant treks are often parts of adventure packages, available with most tour operators, and they are often combined with rafting and a stay in wayside bungalows. And that is some Mowgli-style action right there!

Whatever you choose to do in Thailand with your own time is your choice. This list contains some of the better known, best rated experiences, in the words of Thai-trip veterans. Essentially, any exotic destination will leave you both relaxed and restless, and it is only up to you to decide how far away from the regular route you wish to step from.

Featured image credit: By Milei.vencel (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Solo Vacation

Whether you are single or are simply looking to travel on your own in order to clear your mind, you might be a little nervous about taking a trip solo. Although the idea of traveling alone can seem a little frightening at first, there are a lot of great reasons to consider taking a vacation by yourself. By keeping a few things in mind, you can help ensure that you have the best possible time while you are traveling solo.

Stay Safe

You have probably heard that there is safety in numbers, so it is important to remember to keep yourself safe while you are on your solo vacation. Make sure that someone from back home knows where you are going and when to expect you home. Also, exercise caution when going out at night, and consider asking hotel staff, tour guides, or others about how to stay safe in the area while you are out and about on your own.

Maintain a Good Attitude

The attitude that you have while you are traveling will make a major difference in how much you enjoy your vacation, so make sure that you maintain a good attitude while you are on your trip. If you tell yourself that you will be fine and that you are going to have a good time, you might be surprised to find that it will come true.

Meet People

One of the most exciting things about visiting new places is meeting new people, and sometimes it is easier to meet people while traveling on your own. If you are truly interested in making new friends, consider getting involved in a single’s tour or other event, and think about staying in a small hotel or a cozy bed and breakfast that will encourage conversation with others.

Do Things That You Enjoy

Although there are certainly advantages to traveling with others, there can also be downfalls. For instance, you wouldn’t get to pick out every restaurant or attraction if you were traveling with others, but you will have the opportunity to do exactly what you want while you are traveling solo. Therefore, make sure that you treat yourself to the places and excursions that you know you will enjoy, even if they aren’t conventional.

Have a Plan in Mind

Before leaving, do your research and come up with a plan for what you will do and see while away. Along with choosing the main activities and sights while at your destination, think of a few activities that you can participate in if you get bored. If you have a good plan in mind, you will be less likely to become bored or lonely on your trip.


One of the most important things to do while you are vacationing solo is to get in plenty of rest and relaxation. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about anyone bothering you if you are traveling solo, so take advantage of the opportunity to read a favorite novel, curl up in your hotel bed, or linger for an hour over dinner. Since you only need to worry about entertaining yourself, you will have the opportunity to do what will make you happy – which just might include some much-needed R&R.

David Brooks is a freelance travel and adventure blogger. He contributed this post on behalf of Del Mar Escapes, who offer grand Cabo Vacations for solo and group travelers alike.

Tips On How To Manage Your Spending While Away On Holidays

Passport and Money

Passport And Money

Everyone has a dream holiday destination that they are just dying to visit. But unfortunately your dream holiday, especially those overseas in exotic locations, can cause a huge dent in your bank account if not carefully thought out and planned. To avoid your dream from becoming a blowout, it helps to prepare for all aspects of your trip from the pre-holiday planning to managing the actual event. To ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation, while cutting down on costs, follow these tips to get on the road to your dream destination.

Prepare a financial plan for your trip

  • Make a detailed financial plan which takes into consideration easy access to local currency, should you be travelling to a foreign country.
  • Use credit cards with the lowest load fees. These are the fees or commissions levied on the card, whenever you transact. Also ensure to make all payments at the end of the month to avoid paying hefty interest fees.
  • Always have a contingency plan/fund to cater for unforeseen emergency situations such as accidents or illness.
  • Confirm that you are able to access your bank account, should the need arise. This will save you from the agony of having to deal with foreign banks which levy high fees for foreign account holders.
  • Choose a combined approach when spending money overseas by using an affordable credit card with low load fees, a widely accepted prepaid card like MasterCard, with no international ATM or transaction fees as well as hard cash, both in local and foreign currency.

Consider value-added holiday packages

  • Take advantage of holiday packages that combine hotel accommodation with airfare as these are significantly cheaper than separate bookings.
  • Ensure to book all-inclusive hotel packages that cover accommodation, meals, drinks, entertainment and any other value added activities. This way you do not have to dig into your pocket to pay bills every time you have a meal or a drink in the hotel.
  • Look for early bird discounts and trawl the discount flight and hotel websites.
  • Look out for hotels and resorts that allow young children of a certain age, to stay, eat and play at no cost while slightly older children are charged a percentage of the total fee which is a great saving during a family holiday. Such resorts also usually have kids clubs which offer full entertainment programs for them, allowing the adults some quality, quiet time.
  • If you’re look to save more money, look for hotels or apartments with a fully serviced kitchenette and amenities such as cookers, fridges and microwaves, in the room. This way you can buy groceries and snacks in the local stores, prepare your own meals, and cut on heavy restaurant food costs.
  • To save money on accommodation, families can often get better value for money staying in short lease apartments as opposed to hotels. These apartments usually have kitchen and laundry access which can save even more money.

Look out for local deals

  • Build a rapport with the locals and inquire about current and future deals on accommodation, meals or tours, that usually come at a discounted rate saving you money.
  • You can also save loads of cash by choosing to eat out at local restaurants which may cost much less than the meals served at the hotel or resort.
  • Visit the local markets for great shopping deals on gift items, clothing, shoes and even food. Here they will cost much less than in the hotel shops or shopping malls.
  • Make use of local transport systems such as public buses and save on expensive hotel taxi services. It is wise to ensure personal security when choosing this option as not all holiday destinations are safe and friendly for foreign visitors.
  • Take advantage of the hotel entertainment including swimming pools, gym facilities such as sauna, steam and massage and even live bands and entertainment which more often than not, are offered free to hotel residents. This way you don’t have to spend extra money on entertainment, and yet not compromising on fun.
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By Gavin Whittaker – This article was written in association with Tuxedo, a leader in the field of currency cards and prepaid technologies. Gavin Whittaker is a finance journalist with years of experience. Gavin is an expert at explaining the advantages of currency cards, credit card safety and financial market reports. He shares his insight on these issues with readers of a wide variety of blogs, online- and print-magazines.

5 Things To Expect From A Professional UK Taxi Firm

When traveling from Luton To Heathrow it’s vital that you know exactly what transport you’re taking and at what time. There are certain things that you should expect with any company and this is especially true when it comes to transport. An unreliable or unprofessional company could mean that you are wasting both your time and money. To ensure you know exactly what to expect when it comes to getting a taxi to Heathrow read this article to get a good idea.

No Group Too Big Or Small

There is no point travelling in a taxi with a big group if they don’t cater to it. Often times when you are travelling to large airport such as Heathrow you will be travelling with your family. If the taxi firm does not have space or cannot fit you in then you will have a problem.

To prevent this you should always ensure that you check they can cater to your group size before you call them.

Cater To Your Childs Needs

You should always make sure that if you’re travelling with children the taxi firm can supply them with whatever you need. If this means having special seat sizes and children’s seats then you should expect them to provide it. A firm that doesn’t go out of its way to help you in that instance is a firm you should avoid, as it often means they will overlook other aspects of your needs.

Know The Route

Normally you would expect most taxi drivers to know their way around London. However, if the firm is new or has just started then it could be the case that they are just getting to grips with this large city.
Make sure that you ask how long they have been in business, as a taxi firm that has been in business a long time often knows their way around. Just to double check, tell them your route before they take you so they can plan their journey properly in advance and make sure they get you to Heathrow on time.

Help With Luggage

One thing you should never expect from a professional Taxi firm is for them to offer sub-standard service. If you are struggling with your luggage you shouldn’t expect them to sit in the front happily eating a sandwich. Always remember that you’re paying for a service and from this you expect to be helped and assisted in any way.

Arrange Business Accounts

If you are a regular and travel from Luton to Heathrow often, then check to see if they offer a corporate account. Corporate accounts will allow you to save money over the long term and see your investment with that firm back over time. It does no harm in checking especially if you’re going to be spending a lot of money with that firm. If you find a taxi firm that doesn’t offer this type of service, you should consider going somewhere else. The money that can be saved will add up over the long term.

By Sohail Ali, Luton to Heathrow Booking Manager at Beaumont Taxis. Keep up to date with Sohail’s advice by subscribing to this page.

5 Advantages Of Private Taxi Transfer

There are various amounts of ways that you can transfer from Gatwick to Heathrow. This can be through train, coach, bus or taxi. However it has been commonly noted that taxis have proven to be safer, more reliable and faster than the other forms of transport. So for the purpose of this article we will be discussing the 5 main advantages of private taxi transfer from airport to airport and why you should consider it on your next journey.


Taxis are one of the most convenient forms of transport there is. You call them, book a time, get a price and they arrive and help you with your bags. This cannot be said for other forms of transport. A disadvantage of buses and coaches is that you will have to travel with numerous other people and have less space than you normally would. Trains however change their times and you can never tell how busy they are going to be. When it comes to taxis you can just put your bags in the boot, and have plenty of room for you and your party when it comes to getting to Heathrow airport.


Besides being just convenient, taxis are known to be safer. This proves especially true if you are making the transfer later at night. When it comes down to the public you have no control over their actions or the people on public transport. When you are travelling alone it would also be advised to take a taxi. All private hire taxis within the United Kingdom are required to be licensed and all drivers are responsible for the safety of its passengers.


When travelling within a group, taxis are the much cheaper option by far. Travelling within a group means that you can cut the travel costs by each person that travels and ultimately have a cheaper final fare. Comparing this to other forms of transport where you will have to pay by a ‘seat’ rather than your journey, it’s effective in being cheaper.

Added Help

When you travel by public transport there is only a limited amount of help that you are going to receive. This is if you are disabled or have an accident on board. However the difference between that and a private taxi hire is that you will get the full range of help from a taxi driver. This can include helping people with their bags, the routes to the airport or flight information.

More Reliable

As briefly mentioned earlier, taxis are much more reliable than other forms of transport. This can be extremely vital when you need to make an important transfer link between airports. When you are short on time the most important considerations you’re going to have are how cheap the transport is going to be, how reliable it is and how long it’s going to take. Many people choose private taxi hire from Gatwick to Heathrow for this reason alone.

These just some advantages of private hire taxi firms when making transfer links between airports. Be sure to find out as much information as possible about specific firms before booking to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.

by Sohail Ali, Gatwick to Heathrow Booking Manager at Beaumont Windsor Taxis. Stay up to date with Sohail’s tips by following this post.

Named For A Princess, Fit For A Queen

Amelia Island – FAQ

* Where is Amelia Island located?

The island is in the northernmost corner of Florida, within Nassau County across the Saint Mary’s River from Georgia, and 32 miles northeast of Jacksonville.

* Which other cities are close to the island?

Gainesville is 101 miles away; Daytona Beach, 126 miles; Tallahassee, 196 miles; Tampa, 233 miles; Atlanta, 356 miles; Ft. Lauderdale, 360 miles; and Miami, 379 miles from Amelia.

* Is Amelia Island a Typical Florida island?

Visually and culturally, Amelia Island is more reminiscent of Georgia. In fact, there is too much Georgian influence in the surroundings, starting with the name of the island.

* How far from Georgia is Amelia Island?

Although Atlanta is 356 miles away, the island is only a view miles south of Georgia.

* How do I get to Amelia Island?

There are different possibilities either by road, air or water.

* How do I get there by road?

Accessing by car it is possible thanks to 2 bridges connecting the island to the mainland

Two bridges connect the island with the mainland. Take A1A north to J. Turner Butler Boulevard, then follow north on 115 over the Dames Point Bridge, or take A1A north of Jacksonville toward the Mayport auto ferry traversing the Saint Johns River.

Both roads continue on A1A north over both Big and Little Talbot Island onto Amelia Island. Otherwise, take 1-95 to exit 373 (old 129), turning east onto A1A, and travel 15 miles crossing the Intracoastal Waterway onto Amelia Island

* Getting to Amelia Island by water, how is this possible?

You can access the island through the different services provided by the close Marinas:

Amelia Island Yacht Basin, 251 Creekside Drive, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, Tel. (904) 277-4615

Fernandina Harbor Marina, 1 Front Street, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, Tel. (904) 261-0353

Tiger Point Marina, 997 Egans Creek Lane, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, Tel. (904) 277-2720

* How do I get to Amelia by air?

The Jacksonville International Airport connects over 100 flights daily to both domestic and foreign locations, although there are also many arrivals and departures at the Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport.

* Which carriers take me to Amelia Island?

Continental Airlines, American Airlines, American Eagle, Air Canada, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, US Airways, Comair, AirTran, Florida Air, Midway Airlines, Northwest Airlines, and United Airlines are the carriers flying to Jacksonville.

* Where does the name of Amelia Island come from?

General Oglethorpe, founder of the British colony of Georgia named the island to honor Princess Amelia, the daughter of English King George II.

* Why is Amelia called the island of the eight flags?

This term refers to early history of Amelia Island, being the only site in the United States which has been ruled under eight flags in 1562: France, Spain, Britain, Patriots, Green Cross of Florida, Mexico, Confederate; and the USA flag.

* How long is the island?

Amelia Island is a 13.5-mile barrier island ideal for visiting or living.

* How is the weather?

At Amelia Island the annual average temperature is 69.9º Fahrenheit, with annual average rainfall of 51 inches.

* How many people live in Amelia Island?

As of the US Bureau Census 2000, the population was 20,000 inhabitants.

* How many of them live in Fernandina Beach?

Fernandina’s population was 10,549 according to the 2000 US Census Bureau.

* What is the Amelia Island Affair?

It was a historic episode after the island became a resort for smugglers in 1817, housing as many as 300 square-rigged vessels in its harbor, a self-called “brigadier general”, leader of a pirates’ gang, and his many followers violating the law making the island a miniature republic. Later the island was captured by the United States and returned to the New Spain (Mexico) prior to 1821.

* I have heard about Horseback riding at the beach but, where is it available?

There are 3 main facilities for your convenience:

- Kelly Sea Horse Ranch, Tel. (904) 491-5166

- Ride the Beaches of Amelia, Tel. (904) 277-7047

* Are there any tennis courts on Amelia Island?

Yes, there are many public courts at no charge and just around the corner. Otherwise, the Tennis Club at the Ritz Carlton, offers a variety of terrains to play.

* And what about Golf facilities?

Amelia Island has several golf courses. Check the “Things to Do” section for further information.

* Are there any good dinner facilities?

There are plenty of fine dining opportunities across Amelia Island, most of them located downtown in the Historic District of Fernandina Beach, Palmetto Walk Shopping Village, and the Village Shops at the Amelia Island Plantation.

Belinda Mills is a frequent traveler and enjoys writing about places she has been. You can see more of her work at

Best Options For Travel Money Holidaying In Europe


The best options for travel money options while holidaying in Europe will depend on the needs of the traveller. Each traveller should have at least two options available at all times for protection. Most travellers cannot travel to Europe safely without having access to cash and credit. Let’s explore the benefits of five different travel money options.

1. Use Local Currency for Holidaying in Europe

When travelling to Europe, it is important to have at least 100 to 150 Euros. This cash can be used to purchase food in the airport or to hire a cab. Local currency is the easiest way to pay, but it is not always the safest because if it is lost, it cannot be replaced. Keep in mind that the currency exchange rates at the airports are not in the traveller’s favor. It is better to obtain the money from a bank before departing for Europe.

2. Use Traveller’s Cheques for Holidaying in Europe

Though traveller’s cheques are slightly antiquated, they are recommended for travelling abroad to protect funds against theft. If a traveller’s cheque is lost, simply call in the number on the stub, and the money will be restored within 24 to 48 hours. Traveller’s cheques can also be converted into local currency with a signature. This is a convenient process that many travellers find safer than local currency.

3. Use Credit Cards for European Holidaying

Credit cards are universal because they are accepted everywhere. Many traveller’s prefer credit cards for flexibility. Airline tickets, hotel rooms, and rental cars can all be charged on credit cards. Meals and cash withdrawals are possible while holidaying in Europe. As long as the limit is high enough, traveller’s can purchase any items and worry about the expenses later. Always check the exchange rate to determine how much higher it will be while travelling in Europe. Exchange rates are typically higher than standard rates, and other fees may also be applicable.

4. Use Cash Machines on European Holidays

Debit cards can help travellers obtain cash when travelling in Europe. It’s best to limit the number of transactions because a fee will be charged when cash is withdrawn. This will keep money safe in a bank account until it is needed. The exchange rate might not be in the traveller’s favor also.

5. Use Prepaid Cards for European Holidaying

Prepaid cards can also offer a certain level of protection from thieves while travelling. These cards can be used in the same way that credit cards are used when travelling abroad. The funds must be loaded onto the card before travellers can access them. There is typically a flat fee for cash withdrawals. With the PIN number, it is difficult for thieves to take advantage of the funds on the card if found.

Choose Two Best Options for Travel Money

Choose two best options for travel money while traveling in Europe. Select the option that is most widely accepted and is safest. With this strategy, travellers will be protected.

Written by Natalie Brooke

Natalie has travelled extensively in the past twelve months to over 30 countries. She uses cash passport cards from Travel Money Oz every time she travels to keep her travel money safe. She prides herself as a thrifty traveller and loves sharing her thrifty practice with her readers.

Best Ways to Save Money to Travel

Traveling can be an expensive proposition. Taking time off from work, spending money on airfare and accommodation and buying souvenirs along the way can all add up to a big hit to your wallet. Sometimes it can be tough to save as much as necessary for an upcoming trip. Being short on funds can keep you from enjoying your trip as much as you deserve. To avoid this, follow these tips to save up enough dough to have a wonderful travel experience.

Get Rid of Your Car

Well, you don’t have to get rid of it, but doing so sure would give you a lot of extra money to save every month. At the very least, you should reduce your car usage. Try to walk or bike whenever possible. This will get you in shape to handle the large amounts of walking that most travel experiences entail. It will also prepare you for the fact that you won’t be driving in most countries outside the United States.

Drop Your Gym Membership

If you follow the first tip to start walking and bike riding as much as possible, then you will be able to cancel your gym membership without suffering a decrease in fitness. This will allow you to save that money that was going to the gym for your travel adventure.

Stop Eating Out!

Of all the areas that people waste money on, eating out has to be near the top of the list. So many people eat out daily when they could be saving money by preparing their own food. You can cut your monthly food bill substantially by simply bringing your lunch to work. This quickly adds up. Instead of spending $10 on buying lunch, you can prepare a great meal at home for a few dollars. That simple move will allow you to save $40 a week. Follow suit by skipping dinners out and you can see how the savings will start to pile up, allowing you to splurge on your travel plans.

Have Fun with Friends at Home

You don’t have to live like a monk to save money for your trip. You can still have a good time with friends. You can make this good time a lot cheaper by asking people to come over to your place. This allows you to avoid the expense of spending money on expensive bar drinks and cover charges. You can have just as much, if not more, fun at home as you can out at a bar or club.

Cut the Cable

It is quite easy to live without the $50 or greater expense of cable every month. It is very easy to download any programs that you have to watch from the Internet these days. Instead of watching TV though, how about using your free time to plan your trip? Surf the Web for travel advice or check out travel books from the library to use your extra free time to make the trip as splendid as possible.

Make a Budget

One of the best ways to save money is to make a monthly budget and stick to it religiously. Take out your monthly expenses and put them in envelopes for categories like food, rent, entertainment, gas and the like. Once the envelope is empty, you will have to wait until next month to buy those things. This is a great way to force yourself to stick to a budget.

If you follow these tips, you will quickly find that the money you are saving is adding up to substantial amounts. The more discipline you exercise when saving for a trip, the more extravagant you can make your travel plans. Keep that in mind if you get frustrated by budgeting.

Kevin Caldwell wrote this article for Kevin enjoys traveling and sharing his knowledge and tips with other travelers.

Serviced apartments in Brisbane – Are They Worth It?


If you’re moving to Brisbane for the short or long-term you are probably wondering whether or not you should get a serviced apartment or a regular apartment. Both of these options come with advantages and disadvantages and ultimately you need to decide yourself whether or not getting a serviced apartment in Brisbane is worth it for you. Below I’ve listed a few pros and cons of serviced apartments so that you can make better informed decision on whether or not you want to go with a serviced apartment or a regular apartment.

Pro: Serviced apartments come with furniture meaning you don’t have to go out and buy furniture. If you’re only going to be staying in Brisbane for a short period of time you don’t want to buy a whole heap of furniture that you then can’t take with you wherever you are going next. Serviced apartments come fully furnished with high-quality furniture meaning you don’t have to worry about it for the duration of your stay. Also if any of that furniture gets damaged through no fault of your own the apartment owners will replace it at no cost to you.

Con: serviced apartments don’t give you the option of providing your own furniture meaning that even if you have furniture you like you can’t use it. Also if you really want a furnished apartment you can get a furnished apartment on its own without having it be a serviced apartment. Another downside of having someone else’s furniture where you are staying is if you accidentally damaged it you have to pay for it.

Traveling In Pattaya Thailand


Thailand is one of those magical places where the energy always seems to be ebbing and flowing, making sure you are never bored but still get to relax. There are many places to visit in Thailand, but one of the most popular places for tourists to visit is still the seaside paradise that is Pattaya. This gorgeous escape by the sea is indeed one of the places you have to go to when you are in Thailand because it manages to combine the relaxing beach atmosphere with the hopping energy brought by cafes, bars, and Muay Thai gyms dotting the area. If you are in Thailand and are planning on a trip to Pattaya, there are some traveling tips you need to know about so you are assured of one of the greatest vacations ever.

Accommodation In Pattaya

The first thing you have to keep in mind has to do with accommodation. If you are traveling in a big group during the peak seasons and want to stay in a resort villa then be advised that you have to book in advance. Not only will you get better rates but you are assured that there is a villa to accommodate all of the people in your group. If you are traveling alone and you are on a budget then there is no need to book in advance as there are plenty of pocket-friendly resorts you can check into.

Food in Pattaya

When it comes to food, you don’t have to spend too much either because there are plenty of delicious street food you can try out. Everyone knows the food in Thailand is to die for, but if you want something more upscale, there is a mall you can go where you can get Western food or the more upscale versions of Thai street food.

Image: (CC BY-ND 2.0) By: Clayirving

Clothing Etiquette

Then there is the whole thing about what to wear. While you can wear whatever you want on the beaches and on the streets of Pattaya, they do have some very strict rules regarding what you wear to their temples. If you like to wear as little clothes as possible to beat the heat make sure you bring some shawls to cover your knees and your legs when you go to places like the Sanctuary of Truth or other temples. They will not let you in if you do not comply with clothing requirements.

Flowers and Gardens in Pattaya

The city has many beautiful gardens that are landscaped with great attention to detail. The largest one of these is also a well-known local tourist attraction called Nong Nooch Gardens. This is an amazing display of exotic plants and flowers that are simply breathtaking. Many people also use beautiful fresh delivered flowers in Pattaya to break down the language barrier with a new found friends. Flowers can say a lot in Thailand, and different colors have significant meanings. Do not be shy to get advice from an experienced florist regarding the Thai culture when have is your sending flowers.

Pattaya is indeed a heaven where you can get good food, a tan, and lounge by the beach. You can even do some shopping in their malls. Just remember though that the culture of the Thais precedes your own beliefs as you are in their country after all. Try not to do anything that will offend the people so you can really have a great time without any hassle.

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GoGo florist is the leading flower delivery service in Pattaya. They deliver every day of the year and have an exclusive same day delivery by real florists and include photos of the delivery.

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