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5 great, irresistible reasons to visit Belgrade


While the Balkans might be a region known for its instability, and political dividedness, there is much more to it. More and more people discover that Balkans is an amazing and unique place to visit as the people there are unlike any other in the world. One of the most interesting destinations is Serbia’s capital city, Belgrade. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe but don’t be fooled – this city is modern and thriving with life.

There are many reasons why you should visit Belgrade, but we will name 5 the most irresistible ones.

The spirit of Belgrade

The atmosphere and spirit of Belgrade is something that sets it apart from other cities in Europe. Influenced by the east and the west, Belgrade’s charm lies in its relaxed diversity. At times the city reminds you of a buzzing metropolis, with tons of people around, and then at the next moment, they’re all sipping coffee at one of Belgrade’s’ many cafes. Most people agree, after spending some time in Belgrade, that it has a certain, as the French would say, je ne sais quoi – “I don’t know what” – that is easy to fall in love with.


Never ending entertainment

Belgrade’s nightlife has become legendary in recent years. More and more tourists, especially from Western Europe are flocking to Belgrade to explore its vast nightlife. An amazing array of clubs, cafes, restaurants, and parties all over Belgrade will entertain you till the early morning hours. The area around Belgrade is also known for its crazy summer music festivals. Serbia is by no means a large country, so exploring some other, more rural places in the country is something that everyone should do.


Delicious food

Another one of Belgrade’s specialties is its food. Balkan cuisine has been relatively undiscovered, but is now spreading fast, and becoming a specialty outside the Balkans. Try the famous cevapi, burek, sarma and other dishes that only the Balkans can offer. And it doesn’t end there! Belgrade has an amazing variety of drinks, especially alcoholic ones, just be careful not to get tipsy! Serbia’s specialty is rakija, a strong alcoholic drink that is mostly homemade and delicious too! Even fast food places are considered a delicacy, and the numerous restaurants will make sure your taste buds get the experience of a lifetime.


Great hosts

The people from Balkans are widely known for their extreme hospitality. After just a couple of shots of rakija, anybody will treat you like family. Sharing everything you have with your guest is common practice, and be prepared for special treatment wherever you go. And good luck trying to leave someone’s house without taking a couple of unexpected items along!

Cheap prices

With all of this being said, Belgrade sounds like an amazing place, but an amazing place usually comes with an amazing price. Well, you’re in luck! Belgrade and Serbia are one of the cheapest places in Europe. The food, clubs, accommodation and drinks are all way cheaper than you’d expect from a city of such magnitude. Accommodation is of no problem, as the city has a ton of apartments, hotels and hostels at various locations, with some people even renting their own private apartments. There are a lot of couch surfing options too, which is a great way to meet some of the friendly locals, and be introduced to the town in general.


With all of this and much more, Belgrade is the place to be. Fine cuisine, cheap prices and friendly people are more than enough of a reason to visit, but combine that with the party life, an excellent atmosphere and a unique experience all around, you’ll find that Belgrade finds a way to get in your heart, and make you want to visit it again and again.

Siesta Key: The Perfect Romantic Getaway

couple on holiday

Couples seeking an exciting, romantic Florida getaway can look to the beautiful beaches, excellent dining, lively nightlife and rich cultural venues of enchanting Siesta Key. A paradise of silky pure quartz sand, vivid tropical birds, boundless waterfront recreation and year-round sunshine, Siesta Key is the perfect southern escape.

The Beaches  
With its award-winning miles of surf-fringed white sand, the scenic shoreline of this west coast barrier island is ideal for romantic strolls, invigorating runs or a quiet read under an umbrella. Many Siesta Key vacation rentals are close to the island’s world-famous beaches, including the public beach, a life-guarded stretch of sand with a snack bar, showers, picnic area, lighted tennis courts, playground equipment and on-the-sand volleyball courts.

Vacationing couples might prefer Turtle Beach at the southern end where somewhat coarser sand makes for better shell-seeking, and the crowds are sparser. Just south of the public beach, Crescent Beach boasts an excellent scuba and snorkeling spot called Point of Rocks while twosomes seeking a spot of privacy may opt to check out Palmer Point Beach, a secluded stretch running to the north end of upscale Casey Key.

Cultural events and festivals abound in the area, and Siesta Key vacation rentals put couples in the hub of some of Florida’s best ballet, art and theater. Just a short drive from Siesta Key, the historic city of Sarasota is the site of musical venues including the Sarasota Ballet, the Jazz Club of Sarasota and the Florida West Coast Symphony. Theatrical performances range from the dinner theater to big name concert performances. Art galleries, craft shops and chic boutiques flood the streets, and the annual Siesta Key Craft Festival is a fun-filled outdoor showcase of paintings, sculpture and jewelry. Other annual events include Sarasota County Arts Day, the Venice Boat Parade of Lights and the famous Crystal Classic World Championship Sand Sculpting Contest.

The Nightlife
When the balmy Florida evening falls, local nightlife center Siesta Village comes to life where seaside bars and pubs boast a colorful tropical vibe. The ever-popular Daiquiri Deck offers lunch, dinner and entertainment for any age group while The Beach Club features creative cocktails, outdoor seating and dancing. Sunday night brings the Siesta Key Drum Circle, a celebration of percussion, dancing and juggling, all lit up by a festive ceremonial fire. An evening jaunt into Sarasota offers a more cosmopolitan night scene, with plentiful clubs and bars.

With its boundless sunshine, world-famous beaches and romantic island vibe, a vacation rental in Siesta Key is the ideal Florida couples getaway; a little bit of paradise where days bring outdoor fun and evenings are perfect for a slow dance under the stars.

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Jillian Johnson is a professional content marketing writer and blogger with a particular interest in writing about travel. To read more writing by Jillian, follow her @MissWritey.

Be In The Middle Of The Action In St. Petersburg Vacation Rentals


There are a number of popular tourism destinations in Florida, but St. Petersburg is often selected as one of the top vacation spots in the state. Along with stunning beaches and warm weather, the area is right in the heart of Florida’s cultural scene. By staying in St. Petersburg vacation rentals, travelers will be able to be in the middle of action. Here are some of the incredible things to do, see and explore in the St. Petersburg area.

Art Galleries and Museums

Fans of art and culture can use their St. Petersburg vacation rentals as a base for lots of great cultural attractions, museums and art galleries. There is no doubt that one of the top spots for art fans is the Salvador Dali Museum, which overlooks the water. The museum houses more works by Salvador Dali than anywhere else in the United States, and fans can easily spend a full day touring the extensive collection. Other major art destinations in St. Petersburg include the Chihuly Collection at the Morean Arts Center and the art galleries along the Gulfport Art Walk.

Excellent Shopping Opportunities

One of the major benefits to staying at a vacation rental in St. Petersburg is having access to the many retail shops in the area. Whether visitors are interested in art, antiques, souvenirs, clothing or jewelry, they can always find a great shop nearby. Great furniture and home items can be found at places like Agora, Fig and the Florida Craftsman. For shoppers in search of a local environment, a wonderful stop is the regular Saturday Morning Market, which boasts fresh produce vendors, local chefs and regular entertainment. For jewelry, accessories and clothing, a few of the top local stores are Bernie’s and Son Jewelers and Talk of The Town.

Botanical Gardens and Outdoor Life

Since the weather of St. Petersburg is subtropical and boasts warm temperatures throughout the year, there are ample opportunities to get outside and explore the local flora and fauna. One incredible place worth a visit is the Sunken Gardens, which boasts amazing lush gardens that are located below street level. Other outdoor destinations to explore in St. Petersburg include Jannus Landing for live concerts, The Pier for free local entertainment and Baywalk for people watching.

Exciting Nightlife and Dining Options

When the sun sets in St. Petersburg, the fun is far from over. There are dozens of exceptional restaurants, clubs, bars and lounges that appeal to every taste and every budget.

St. Petersburg vacation rentals are ideal for travelers. To fully experience all that this Florida destination has to offer, be sure to consider a vacation rental as accommodation.

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Sadie Mclain is an avid traveler and writer. She enjoys writing about her latest trips and excursions.

5 Advantages Of Private Taxi Transfer

There are various amounts of ways that you can transfer from Gatwick to Heathrow. This can be through train, coach, bus or taxi. However it has been commonly noted that taxis have proven to be safer, more reliable and faster than the other forms of transport. So for the purpose of this article we will be discussing the 5 main advantages of private taxi transfer from airport to airport and why you should consider it on your next journey.


Taxis are one of the most convenient forms of transport there is. You call them, book a time, get a price and they arrive and help you with your bags. This cannot be said for other forms of transport. A disadvantage of buses and coaches is that you will have to travel with numerous other people and have less space than you normally would. Trains however change their times and you can never tell how busy they are going to be. When it comes to taxis you can just put your bags in the boot, and have plenty of room for you and your party when it comes to getting to Heathrow airport.


Besides being just convenient, taxis are known to be safer. This proves especially true if you are making the transfer later at night. When it comes down to the public you have no control over their actions or the people on public transport. When you are travelling alone it would also be advised to take a taxi. All private hire taxis within the United Kingdom are required to be licensed and all drivers are responsible for the safety of its passengers.


When travelling within a group, taxis are the much cheaper option by far. Travelling within a group means that you can cut the travel costs by each person that travels and ultimately have a cheaper final fare. Comparing this to other forms of transport where you will have to pay by a ‘seat’ rather than your journey, it’s effective in being cheaper.

Added Help

When you travel by public transport there is only a limited amount of help that you are going to receive. This is if you are disabled or have an accident on board. However the difference between that and a private taxi hire is that you will get the full range of help from a taxi driver. This can include helping people with their bags, the routes to the airport or flight information.

More Reliable

As briefly mentioned earlier, taxis are much more reliable than other forms of transport. This can be extremely vital when you need to make an important transfer link between airports. When you are short on time the most important considerations you’re going to have are how cheap the transport is going to be, how reliable it is and how long it’s going to take. Many people choose private taxi hire from Gatwick to Heathrow for this reason alone.

These just some advantages of private hire taxi firms when making transfer links between airports. Be sure to find out as much information as possible about specific firms before booking to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.

by Sohail Ali, Gatwick to Heathrow Booking Manager at Beaumont Windsor Taxis. Stay up to date with Sohail’s tips by following this post.

Tips For Traveling In Thailand


If you have been thinking of taking a trip to Thailand then knowing what to do when you get there can be very helpful as opposed to just showing up and winging it. Traveling alone requires come creativity. You do after all want to get the most out of the experience.

First things first, if you are planning to make this trip for the first time it is a pretty good idea to brush up on the local laws and culture. There are some places that something may be completely normal to us and be a sign of outright disrespect in another region. A guide book like Lonely Planet is ideal for this. Some mild language skills could help as well. A GPS isn’t a bad idea either for your rental car.


Now that you are all set, let’s go over some local hot spots for the solo traveler.  Many couple and single travelers want to see some of the famous bar scenes. In Bangkok, Patpong is very seedy and should be avoided due the volume of scams. Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy are interesting to wonder through ad both very safe, and are designated police safety zones now. These are actually a very fun and engaging places. The locals are nice, and there are a lot of activities waiting for you there. It is a great place to explore, and meeting others is very easy.

GPS Assistant 

A GPS Navigation system can help you find all of the local points of interest that are good for you. Most smart phones have this function already. This is the easiest way to find the spots that you are sure to love, and remember, while meeting others use your good judgment. While most people are honest and upstanding individuals that are excited to see you there will be some who are of the shady sorts. Like anywhere else it always pays to be cautious when visiting Thailand.


Lodging for one is normally easy to find, and the nightlife in Thailand is fantastic, use your travel guide to find beach bungalows from $15 a night near Phuket. They have an excellent social scene that you are going to love. There is a very diverse crowd there, and you are going to run into a lot of really nice folks that will make you welcome. This is defiantly a trip you can take alone and still enjoy every minute of it. They have great weather, making the leisure day time activities just as enjoyable.

From the cuisine, to the shopping and the activities going on throughout the day there is no shortage of things you can do. Sightseeing in this culture rich and historic city is a lot of fun too.

With beautiful landscaping and amazing shows there will be so much to choose from that you won’t know where to begin. You can definitely make a full vacation out of it, and you will still want to come back to experience some things that you may have missed.

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John travels around Thailand writing about his adventures on the Gogo Florist site. He also is considered an expert on Thai native orchids and conducts design workshops for florist in Bangkok where he can be contaced on G+.

Named For A Princess, Fit For A Queen

Amelia Island – FAQ

* Where is Amelia Island located?

The island is in the northernmost corner of Florida, within Nassau County across the Saint Mary’s River from Georgia, and 32 miles northeast of Jacksonville.

* Which other cities are close to the island?

Gainesville is 101 miles away; Daytona Beach, 126 miles; Tallahassee, 196 miles; Tampa, 233 miles; Atlanta, 356 miles; Ft. Lauderdale, 360 miles; and Miami, 379 miles from Amelia.

* Is Amelia Island a Typical Florida island?

Visually and culturally, Amelia Island is more reminiscent of Georgia. In fact, there is too much Georgian influence in the surroundings, starting with the name of the island.

* How far from Georgia is Amelia Island?

Although Atlanta is 356 miles away, the island is only a view miles south of Georgia.

* How do I get to Amelia Island?

There are different possibilities either by road, air or water.

* How do I get there by road?

Accessing by car it is possible thanks to 2 bridges connecting the island to the mainland

Two bridges connect the island with the mainland. Take A1A north to J. Turner Butler Boulevard, then follow north on 115 over the Dames Point Bridge, or take A1A north of Jacksonville toward the Mayport auto ferry traversing the Saint Johns River.

Both roads continue on A1A north over both Big and Little Talbot Island onto Amelia Island. Otherwise, take 1-95 to exit 373 (old 129), turning east onto A1A, and travel 15 miles crossing the Intracoastal Waterway onto Amelia Island

* Getting to Amelia Island by water, how is this possible?

You can access the island through the different services provided by the close Marinas:

Amelia Island Yacht Basin, 251 Creekside Drive, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, Tel. (904) 277-4615

Fernandina Harbor Marina, 1 Front Street, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, Tel. (904) 261-0353

Tiger Point Marina, 997 Egans Creek Lane, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, Tel. (904) 277-2720

* How do I get to Amelia by air?

The Jacksonville International Airport connects over 100 flights daily to both domestic and foreign locations, although there are also many arrivals and departures at the Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport.

* Which carriers take me to Amelia Island?

Continental Airlines, American Airlines, American Eagle, Air Canada, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, US Airways, Comair, AirTran, Florida Air, Midway Airlines, Northwest Airlines, and United Airlines are the carriers flying to Jacksonville.

* Where does the name of Amelia Island come from?

General Oglethorpe, founder of the British colony of Georgia named the island to honor Princess Amelia, the daughter of English King George II.

* Why is Amelia called the island of the eight flags?

This term refers to early history of Amelia Island, being the only site in the United States which has been ruled under eight flags in 1562: France, Spain, Britain, Patriots, Green Cross of Florida, Mexico, Confederate; and the USA flag.

* How long is the island?

Amelia Island is a 13.5-mile barrier island ideal for visiting or living.

* How is the weather?

At Amelia Island the annual average temperature is 69.9º Fahrenheit, with annual average rainfall of 51 inches.

* How many people live in Amelia Island?

As of the US Bureau Census 2000, the population was 20,000 inhabitants.

* How many of them live in Fernandina Beach?

Fernandina’s population was 10,549 according to the 2000 US Census Bureau.

* What is the Amelia Island Affair?

It was a historic episode after the island became a resort for smugglers in 1817, housing as many as 300 square-rigged vessels in its harbor, a self-called “brigadier general”, leader of a pirates’ gang, and his many followers violating the law making the island a miniature republic. Later the island was captured by the United States and returned to the New Spain (Mexico) prior to 1821.

* I have heard about Horseback riding at the beach but, where is it available?

There are 3 main facilities for your convenience:

- Kelly Sea Horse Ranch, Tel. (904) 491-5166

- Ride the Beaches of Amelia, Tel. (904) 277-7047

* Are there any tennis courts on Amelia Island?

Yes, there are many public courts at no charge and just around the corner. Otherwise, the Tennis Club at the Ritz Carlton, offers a variety of terrains to play.

* And what about Golf facilities?

Amelia Island has several golf courses. Check the “Things to Do” section for further information.

* Are there any good dinner facilities?

There are plenty of fine dining opportunities across Amelia Island, most of them located downtown in the Historic District of Fernandina Beach, Palmetto Walk Shopping Village, and the Village Shops at the Amelia Island Plantation.

Belinda Mills is a frequent traveler and enjoys writing about places she has been. You can see more of her work at

Keti Koti In Amsterdam 2013

Keti Koti Amsterdam

The festival, which goes by the name of Keti Koti is held every year in order to keep the memory alive in regards to the end of slavery in Holland.
A more meaningful celebration
Because it’s the 150th edition the event will be even more special than in the last years. On the evening of July 1st each canal house will have candles burning in order to highlight the bonds between the city and its canals and the history of slavery. On top of that the 23H Amsterdam will take place in Noord, thus fabulously tying in with the Over Het IJ festival.
If you will visit the city in order to witness these amazing events you should ensure that you book a place to stay several weeks ahead of your departure. You can always check out the internet for websites like in order to find the right place to stay.
Cultural highlights
On July first next year, people of Holland will celebrate one hundred and fifty years since the Dutch slavery in the former colonies of Dutch Antilles and Suriname was abolished. Amsterdam seems to have played a major role in all of this and that is why its citizens want to draw attention over the events that happened back then.
Among the many events taking place in the same or around the same day is the twentieth edition of Amsterdam Fashion Week which will also connect with the four hundredth celebration of Amsterdam’s canals. It’s a great chance of getting to know the city in a different way compared to visiting it in any other time of the year.
The Canals and Archaeology exhibition
The list of events keeps going strong and on the thirteenth and fourteenth of July 2013, the Canals and Archaeology exhibition is 1 of 4 that will present archaeological findings from the city, a very special event that is held and organized by the City Archives of Amsterdam. Don’t miss out on the Amsterdam Heritage Days as well, because in this time you will have the chance of visiting special monuments that open only in this time of the year.
The World Interiors Salon opening
Don’t think that you’ll ever find a moment to get bored while visiting Amsterdam, because on July 20th 2013 you will be able to witness the World Interiors Salon’s opening in the Beurs van Berlage. It’s a marvelous chance for you to witness the presentation of Holland’s best designers and the Dutch industry. You will be able to thus explore interior architecture from plenty of perspective, more specifically economic, artistic, cultural and historical. The event lasts for 2 days, so on July 21st you should have visited and seen everything the event has to offer.
The summer festival
Lastly, on the 28th of July you can attend to the Summer Festival in Zaandvoort, but don’t forget that a very special attention is going got be paid to the one hundred and seventy fifth anniversary of the Artis Royal Zoo, too.
As you can see, there are plenty of things you can see and do at the Amsterdam events in July 2013. Be sure you get there in time and don’t forget about booking early a place to stay. Have fun!

News and tips about Amsterdam by Get Ready Rentals.