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The 5 Best Vacations for Fun and Stress Relief for Single Adults

The 5 Best Vacations for Fun and Stress Relief for Single Adults









Traveling solo allows you to experience new places, people, and activities that you might otherwise pass up when hanging out with people from home. This can be the ultimate stress reliever, so go ahead and plan that solo trip. Here are 5 of the best vacations for stress relief for single adults.

1. Barcelona

The Spanish love to party and Barcelona is known for attracting people from around the world who are traveling alone or with a group of friends. It’s a great place to meet other singles, and the bars and clubs stay open late. You will need a siesta in the afternoon, and being alone you have the freedom to have one. In the afternoons, stop by a tapas bar followed by a late dinner after 9 pm.

2. Las Vegas Casino Resorts

There’s no place quite like the Entertainment Capital of the World to meet people. Las Vegas has the best in resorts, namely casino resorts, and they are all geared to having everything you want in one location. For example, the Viejas Resort has a spacious pool, inviting lounge area, and a variety of great gaming, all great places to strike up a conversation with fascinating people.

3. New York

Single in New York is a good time with all there is to do in the City that Never Sleeps. Plenty of cabs can take you safely to and from your chosen destination, or try one of the boats that turn into cocktail bars. These have become popular daytime spots for singles to relax and unwind on sunny decks out on the water.

4. Scottsdale, Arizona

The Scottsdale Entertainment Center has been rapidly expanding in recent years making this an attractive destination for singles. Hot pool scenes and nightclubs geared toward singles has earned Scottsdale the title “South Beach in the Desert.” Hotels, concerts, and club venues have replaced the sleepy western resort theme for Scottsdale.

5. Oahu

From quiet beaches to vibrant city life, Oahu is the preferred Hawaiian Island for singles. For a real stress buster join a zip line tour group on the North Shore. Club hopping is safe for singles in downtown Honolulu or lounge in a local bar with soothing music provided by the native islanders.

Best Single Travel reports that 1 in 3 adults are single and that the typical American spends more years alone than in a partnership. This is all the more reason to plan a solo trip soon.

6 Must See Ottawa Vacation Sites in Canada’s Capital

Visitors to the city of Ottawa will find plenty of things to do in this great capital city. With all the sites to see and experiences to be had you can be sure to find something that will entice your whole family. Here are just six easy-to-visit Ottawa vacation sites in Canada’s capital that visitors must see. Ottawa Vacation

Parliament Hill

The Parliament buildings are on a hill above the Ottawa River. A panoramic view of the city is visible from the Peace Tower here. Things to see include sculptures of famous Canadians on the grounds and elaborate carved stonework on the buildings. Visitors can see a Changing of the Guard ceremony and a light show. The East Block area of the buildings is open for tours during the summer. This tour takes visitors through rooms that are furnished the way there were during the 19th century.

Rideau Canal

There is something to do all year long on this canal that runs through Ottawa. Kayaks, canoes and paddleboats are available for rent between May and the beginning of October. Visitors can take sightseeing cruises along the canal. There are scenic trails along the canal for bicyclists. The part of the canal that runs through Ottawa becomes the Rideau Canal Skateway during the winter.

Bytown Museum

This museum is on the Rideau Canal in a building that dates back to the early 19th century. Visitors can see artifacts here that date back to Ottawa’s early days when it was known as Bytown. Exhibits here tell the story of Ottawa’s transformation from the lumber town of Bytown into the country’s capital city.

Canada Science and Technology Museum

Visitors can learn about Canada’s achievements in technology and science here. Interactive exhibits here have dials, levers and buttons. Laboratory equipment, surveying tools and hand tools are some of the things to see. Visitors can learn about locomotives, canoes and bicycles.

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

Children will enjoy seeing alpacas, goats and pigs at this farm in the middle of the city. Visitors can take wagon rides through the farm during nice weather. There are places to picnic and a play structure on the museum’s grounds. The museum has an interactive exhibit on renewable energy. Things to see include a tractor and a wagon from the early 20th century.

Gatineau Park

The entrance to this park is less than three miles from downtown Ottawa. Visitors can go swimming, boating and fishing here during the summer. There are trails for hiking, biking and skating. Winter visitors can go cross-country skiing here.

Travelers who see these six sites in Ottawa will, no doubt, enjoy their time in Canada’s capital. Spending your time wisely will lead to a greater overall trip so don’t miss out on anything when next visiting Ottawa.

*Information Credit: Cartier Place & Towers Suite Hotels

Booked Your First Cruise? 5 Things to Remember Before Heading Off to Sea

Your first cruise drums up excitement, but it also puts pressure on you to get all of your affairs in order. With cruises lasting from 3 days to several months, home preparation before you embark is crucial to keep your home and belongings safe. Leaving appliances on or newspapers strew about on a front lawn is cause for trouble.

Your Paperwork

At least a week before your cruise, contact your local post office and hold your mail. You typically pick it up after your vacation or have the postal worker bring it on normal rounds. Leaving mail to accumulate in your box tells potential thieves that you are not home. Newspapers should be cancelled for the cruise’s duration as well. Apply for your passports several months before your trip. Passports take up to 8 weeks to receive in the mail. They must be in your hands as you board the ship or you cannot sail.


The Money Question

Set up any bills that must be paid while you are gone through online payment schedules. You do not want to come home to a darkened house and a late fee. Your checking account should have ample funds to pay the cruise line after your trip. Drinks, souvenirs and outside excursions are usually extras billed to your room number. The bill must be paid in full before you debark. Keeping your checking account full prevents any delays at the terminal.


Turn Off Those Appliances

No appliances should run while you are gone. Electrical shorts and flooding can occur, causing extensive damage. For the best safety, unplug your appliances so they cannot operate. Turn your hot water heater to the vacation mode to save money on heating costs while you are gone.


Ask For Help

Friends and family should visit your home to check on appliances and basic care, especially if you have plants or pets. Visitors to the home deters thieves as they roam streets for potential targets. Making your home busy makes criminals think twice about trying to break in.


When you embark on your cruise, the last thing on your mind should be home care. Sit back and enjoy your trip because proper preparation prevents most problems from occurring.

How To Prepare For Travel Emergencies

You never know what’s going to happen during your vacation so you must always be prepared. Here are some ways to get you ready in case there is an emergency.

What to bring

Contact numbers

Be sure to bring your “in case of emergency” contact details. You should also know the emergency numbers of the country you are going to. Always carry these in your wallet, pocket or purse. You can try 911 as some countries automatically forward your call to the local equivalent. Jot down your country’s embassy’s number. Also, have the number of your ATM and credit card provider in case they get stolen. Leave copies of these numbers in your hotel room as well in case your wallet gets stolen.

Inform someone at home

Be sure to inform someone (a friend or relative) of your plans. Leave an itinerary, your flight details and the address of the place you are staying at abroad. They should also have copies of your ID’s, insurance policies and other important documents. Tell them how you can be contacted and if you are going to contact them on a regular schedule, say, after lunch every day. Give them instructions on when to call for help if they don’t hear from you. For example, they should call the hotel if they don’t hear from you for 2 days.

Health Card

Bring your insurance card with you. Inquire about your international coverage before you leave. In most instances, you would need to pay for special travel insurance. A health card can be a great advantage if you don’t have cash on hand and you need to be taken to a hospital. The health card will show that you have the ability to pay for their services.


Money is very important but carry it wisely. Leave some in your hotel safe. Don’t bring all your money all at once and never flash them out in the streets. Spread out your money in your wallet, pockets, purses and other bags. Bring an ATM or debit card, credit cards and traveller’s checks (if any) and don’t put all of them in the same place.

Know the language

In places where English is not a common language, be sure to know how to say “I need help”, “police” and “doctor” in the native tongue. These will come in handy during emergencies. If you can’t pronounce them, ask someone in the hotel to write them down for you in a card.

A vacation is supposed to make you rest and relax but still be on the lookout for possible dangers. Common sense and good preparation are usually all you need to be safe. Know where and how to call for help when needed.

My name is Henry W. I’m a huge travel addict and I like blogging about my experiences. I am also partners with specialists in Kenya safari holidays 2013.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Solo Vacation

Whether you are single or are simply looking to travel on your own in order to clear your mind, you might be a little nervous about taking a trip solo. Although the idea of traveling alone can seem a little frightening at first, there are a lot of great reasons to consider taking a vacation by yourself. By keeping a few things in mind, you can help ensure that you have the best possible time while you are traveling solo.

Stay Safe

You have probably heard that there is safety in numbers, so it is important to remember to keep yourself safe while you are on your solo vacation. Make sure that someone from back home knows where you are going and when to expect you home. Also, exercise caution when going out at night, and consider asking hotel staff, tour guides, or others about how to stay safe in the area while you are out and about on your own.

Maintain a Good Attitude

The attitude that you have while you are traveling will make a major difference in how much you enjoy your vacation, so make sure that you maintain a good attitude while you are on your trip. If you tell yourself that you will be fine and that you are going to have a good time, you might be surprised to find that it will come true.

Meet People

One of the most exciting things about visiting new places is meeting new people, and sometimes it is easier to meet people while traveling on your own. If you are truly interested in making new friends, consider getting involved in a single’s tour or other event, and think about staying in a small hotel or a cozy bed and breakfast that will encourage conversation with others.

Do Things That You Enjoy

Although there are certainly advantages to traveling with others, there can also be downfalls. For instance, you wouldn’t get to pick out every restaurant or attraction if you were traveling with others, but you will have the opportunity to do exactly what you want while you are traveling solo. Therefore, make sure that you treat yourself to the places and excursions that you know you will enjoy, even if they aren’t conventional.

Have a Plan in Mind

Before leaving, do your research and come up with a plan for what you will do and see while away. Along with choosing the main activities and sights while at your destination, think of a few activities that you can participate in if you get bored. If you have a good plan in mind, you will be less likely to become bored or lonely on your trip.


One of the most important things to do while you are vacationing solo is to get in plenty of rest and relaxation. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about anyone bothering you if you are traveling solo, so take advantage of the opportunity to read a favorite novel, curl up in your hotel bed, or linger for an hour over dinner. Since you only need to worry about entertaining yourself, you will have the opportunity to do what will make you happy – which just might include some much-needed R&R.

David Brooks is a freelance travel and adventure blogger. He contributed this post on behalf of Del Mar Escapes, who offer grand Cabo Vacations for solo and group travelers alike.

Be In The Middle Of The Action In St. Petersburg Vacation Rentals


There are a number of popular tourism destinations in Florida, but St. Petersburg is often selected as one of the top vacation spots in the state. Along with stunning beaches and warm weather, the area is right in the heart of Florida’s cultural scene. By staying in St. Petersburg vacation rentals, travelers will be able to be in the middle of action. Here are some of the incredible things to do, see and explore in the St. Petersburg area.

Art Galleries and Museums

Fans of art and culture can use their St. Petersburg vacation rentals as a base for lots of great cultural attractions, museums and art galleries. There is no doubt that one of the top spots for art fans is the Salvador Dali Museum, which overlooks the water. The museum houses more works by Salvador Dali than anywhere else in the United States, and fans can easily spend a full day touring the extensive collection. Other major art destinations in St. Petersburg include the Chihuly Collection at the Morean Arts Center and the art galleries along the Gulfport Art Walk.

Excellent Shopping Opportunities

One of the major benefits to staying at a vacation rental in St. Petersburg is having access to the many retail shops in the area. Whether visitors are interested in art, antiques, souvenirs, clothing or jewelry, they can always find a great shop nearby. Great furniture and home items can be found at places like Agora, Fig and the Florida Craftsman. For shoppers in search of a local environment, a wonderful stop is the regular Saturday Morning Market, which boasts fresh produce vendors, local chefs and regular entertainment. For jewelry, accessories and clothing, a few of the top local stores are Bernie’s and Son Jewelers and Talk of The Town.

Botanical Gardens and Outdoor Life

Since the weather of St. Petersburg is subtropical and boasts warm temperatures throughout the year, there are ample opportunities to get outside and explore the local flora and fauna. One incredible place worth a visit is the Sunken Gardens, which boasts amazing lush gardens that are located below street level. Other outdoor destinations to explore in St. Petersburg include Jannus Landing for live concerts, The Pier for free local entertainment and Baywalk for people watching.

Exciting Nightlife and Dining Options

When the sun sets in St. Petersburg, the fun is far from over. There are dozens of exceptional restaurants, clubs, bars and lounges that appeal to every taste and every budget.

St. Petersburg vacation rentals are ideal for travelers. To fully experience all that this Florida destination has to offer, be sure to consider a vacation rental as accommodation.

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Sadie Mclain is an avid traveler and writer. She enjoys writing about her latest trips and excursions.

A Peek Behind The Curtain Of The Hotel Industry


The hotel industry is one of those businesses that many people take for granted. They arrive at the hotel on their designated reservation, check in and enjoy the services it has to offer. Things like room service and the general maintenance of the hotel are all taken care of behind the scenes, when you’re away for the day or out having your meal.

The people are quick so they buzz in and out easily. So invisible are most of these staff, so good at their job, that they are often neglected when considering the hotel, simply tucked behind the curtain where they’re unseen.

Respect Your Housekeeper

The housekeeper, for example, is one of the hardest workers in the hotel. They go through each and every room in the building every day providing clean sheets, making the beds and leaving dry towels. But they often have to deal with a lot worse than that. They’re responsible for cleaning the rooms after the people leave, from top to bottom, and people can leave behind some strange stuff. It’s not uncommon for them to have to deal with soiled sheets, undergarments, leftover refuse, moldy or spoiled clothing and much, much worse.

There are some very unfortunate stories about housekeeping having to deal with dead bodies left in the rooms, and that can be quite a traumatic sight to walk into, all for a relatively low paying job. They’re work horses who do far too much for their pay grade and barely get the recognition they deserve.

Maintenance Workers go Unnoticed

Of course on the same token there’s the other support staff in the hotel, such as the general maintenance. They’re the people who have to fix anything that’s broken and make sure things keep working. If something in your room isn’t working, they’re the ones that are called.

But on top of this they are responsible for all of the systems in the hotel, from the light bulbs in each and every lamp, the television services, making sure the pool pumps are all working and more. If you cause a clog in the toilet, for example, these are the poor individuals who have to handle whatever mess you had to leave behind, and all for very little recognition or acknowledgement.

Be Kind to the Receptionist

There are those who get recognition quite often, and it’s not always a good thing. The receptionist at the front of the hotel is a human being, but quite often people can end up treating them worse than dirt. They’re the face of the hotel, the ones people will talk to if anything is happening and the ones who are blamed should anything go wrong.

Many people think they can just call down to reception and get whatever they want handled, and receptions are responsible for making this service seamless. However they can also be very busy with plenty of customers lined up, or some more complicated requests being handled. Imagine how frustrating it can be trying to handle an angry customer while people continue to call you up to arrange wake-up calls.

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Eric Rogers is a travel writer who does a lot of writing about Europe, Asia, and Australia. He loves to stay at Banff Hotels LTD while traveling, but appreciates any good place where the sights are gorgeous and the people friendly.

Getting Ready To Get Away – Prepping Your Car For A Road Trip

Road Trip

If you need to get away, whether for a day, a weekend, or a week, a road trip could be your perfect ticket out. Road trips are fun, relatively inexpensive ways to go on a holiday with your significant other, your friends, or your family, and they are especially great for those who are afraid of flying on planes.

But before you pack up your vehicle and get ready to hit the road, there are certain things you need to do to really prepare your car for the long ride. These precautions will ensure your safety throughout your journey and will also allow your car to handle the trip without running into any mechanical problems along the way, which can put a serious dent in your getaway experience.

Check Your Car Before Your Road Trip

Basic maintenance is really what you need to do on your car before you leave for your road trip, whether you plan on traveling just a few hundred or a few thousand kilometres.

Tires: Full tires means you will get better gas mileage during your trip, but it does not stop there. Maintaining the proper tire pressure means you will avoid a blowout or a flat tire during your holiday. You also want to make sure your tires are not bald. In other words, is there enough tread on your tires to really grip the road in all conditions? This is especially important if you are planning a winter getaway to a ski resort where your car will traverse ice and snow. Check the spare tire as well to make sure it is in good condition.

Car Fluids: Make sure you have sufficient levels of all fluids, and change the oil if it looks dirty or if your car is up for an oil change. Some fluids that you should make sure you check before heading out include the coolant, engine oil, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, and power steering fluid. If you do not how to check these yourself, take the car to a professional who can make sure the levels are right and the oil is fresh.

Make Repairs Before You Leave: If your car needs any kind of repair, large or small, do it before you leave rather than risking something happening while out on the road. Make the investment into your car so that you will have the peace of mind while away from home. Even if your car just needs basic maintenance, now is the time to do it. This includes checking your brakes, belts, hoses, etc.

Bring Repair Manuals: In the event that your car does break down, you will want to know how to assess the situation and potentially fix the problem yourself if it is minor enough that you do not have to call a towing company and ruin your holiday. Therefore, it is important that you bring along your car’s repair manual. Place it into your glove compartment where it will be safe and easy to get to.

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Laura loves planning getaways, and road trips are her favourite. Because young drivers prefer road trips as well, she wanted to look up the cheapest cars to insure for young drivers when she found, where drivers can compare insurance companies and their rates.

Best Options For Travel Money Holidaying In Europe


The best options for travel money options while holidaying in Europe will depend on the needs of the traveller. Each traveller should have at least two options available at all times for protection. Most travellers cannot travel to Europe safely without having access to cash and credit. Let’s explore the benefits of five different travel money options.

1. Use Local Currency for Holidaying in Europe

When travelling to Europe, it is important to have at least 100 to 150 Euros. This cash can be used to purchase food in the airport or to hire a cab. Local currency is the easiest way to pay, but it is not always the safest because if it is lost, it cannot be replaced. Keep in mind that the currency exchange rates at the airports are not in the traveller’s favor. It is better to obtain the money from a bank before departing for Europe.

2. Use Traveller’s Cheques for Holidaying in Europe

Though traveller’s cheques are slightly antiquated, they are recommended for travelling abroad to protect funds against theft. If a traveller’s cheque is lost, simply call in the number on the stub, and the money will be restored within 24 to 48 hours. Traveller’s cheques can also be converted into local currency with a signature. This is a convenient process that many travellers find safer than local currency.

3. Use Credit Cards for European Holidaying

Credit cards are universal because they are accepted everywhere. Many traveller’s prefer credit cards for flexibility. Airline tickets, hotel rooms, and rental cars can all be charged on credit cards. Meals and cash withdrawals are possible while holidaying in Europe. As long as the limit is high enough, traveller’s can purchase any items and worry about the expenses later. Always check the exchange rate to determine how much higher it will be while travelling in Europe. Exchange rates are typically higher than standard rates, and other fees may also be applicable.

4. Use Cash Machines on European Holidays

Debit cards can help travellers obtain cash when travelling in Europe. It’s best to limit the number of transactions because a fee will be charged when cash is withdrawn. This will keep money safe in a bank account until it is needed. The exchange rate might not be in the traveller’s favor also.

5. Use Prepaid Cards for European Holidaying

Prepaid cards can also offer a certain level of protection from thieves while travelling. These cards can be used in the same way that credit cards are used when travelling abroad. The funds must be loaded onto the card before travellers can access them. There is typically a flat fee for cash withdrawals. With the PIN number, it is difficult for thieves to take advantage of the funds on the card if found.

Choose Two Best Options for Travel Money

Choose two best options for travel money while traveling in Europe. Select the option that is most widely accepted and is safest. With this strategy, travellers will be protected.

Written by Natalie Brooke

Natalie has travelled extensively in the past twelve months to over 30 countries. She uses cash passport cards from Travel Money Oz every time she travels to keep her travel money safe. She prides herself as a thrifty traveller and loves sharing her thrifty practice with her readers.

Keti Koti In Amsterdam 2013

Keti Koti Amsterdam

The festival, which goes by the name of Keti Koti is held every year in order to keep the memory alive in regards to the end of slavery in Holland.
A more meaningful celebration
Because it’s the 150th edition the event will be even more special than in the last years. On the evening of July 1st each canal house will have candles burning in order to highlight the bonds between the city and its canals and the history of slavery. On top of that the 23H Amsterdam will take place in Noord, thus fabulously tying in with the Over Het IJ festival.
If you will visit the city in order to witness these amazing events you should ensure that you book a place to stay several weeks ahead of your departure. You can always check out the internet for websites like in order to find the right place to stay.
Cultural highlights
On July first next year, people of Holland will celebrate one hundred and fifty years since the Dutch slavery in the former colonies of Dutch Antilles and Suriname was abolished. Amsterdam seems to have played a major role in all of this and that is why its citizens want to draw attention over the events that happened back then.
Among the many events taking place in the same or around the same day is the twentieth edition of Amsterdam Fashion Week which will also connect with the four hundredth celebration of Amsterdam’s canals. It’s a great chance of getting to know the city in a different way compared to visiting it in any other time of the year.
The Canals and Archaeology exhibition
The list of events keeps going strong and on the thirteenth and fourteenth of July 2013, the Canals and Archaeology exhibition is 1 of 4 that will present archaeological findings from the city, a very special event that is held and organized by the City Archives of Amsterdam. Don’t miss out on the Amsterdam Heritage Days as well, because in this time you will have the chance of visiting special monuments that open only in this time of the year.
The World Interiors Salon opening
Don’t think that you’ll ever find a moment to get bored while visiting Amsterdam, because on July 20th 2013 you will be able to witness the World Interiors Salon’s opening in the Beurs van Berlage. It’s a marvelous chance for you to witness the presentation of Holland’s best designers and the Dutch industry. You will be able to thus explore interior architecture from plenty of perspective, more specifically economic, artistic, cultural and historical. The event lasts for 2 days, so on July 21st you should have visited and seen everything the event has to offer.
The summer festival
Lastly, on the 28th of July you can attend to the Summer Festival in Zaandvoort, but don’t forget that a very special attention is going got be paid to the one hundred and seventy fifth anniversary of the Artis Royal Zoo, too.
As you can see, there are plenty of things you can see and do at the Amsterdam events in July 2013. Be sure you get there in time and don’t forget about booking early a place to stay. Have fun!

News and tips about Amsterdam by Get Ready Rentals.