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Getting the Best Trip Advisor for an Upcoming Voyage

China 2012

Whether traveling across the globe or simply visiting another part of the country, preparing for a vacation takes a lot of research and careful attention to detail. Although there are several different resources available to travelers that can help shed light on the different options available for particular destinations, few things can compare to the insight of a trip advisor with experience booking travel to the area in question. Travel agencies are often one of the best such tools available, with professional travel agents offering travelers information about the different packages and deals available. Travel agents can also help arrange special events and activities that travelers may have difficulty arranging on their own.

Exploring the Role of the Modern Travel Agent

The advent of the Internet changed the travel game significantly, allowing everyday travelers to book itineraries without the assistance of a professional. While some have lauded this development, many voyagers have been disappointed to discover their trips lack the same atmosphere and ease of a vacation expertly planned by a travel professional. From arranging seamless airport pickups to booking hotel rooms months in advance, travel agencies have the resources and wherewithal to assist voyagers visiting all different corners of the earth.

Narrowing Down Options

One of the major challenges modern travelers face is determining where to visit. With a particular budget in mind, many consumers try to plan a vacation, only to be deterred by high prices and the lack of information available for many areas. Travel agents can play an important role in this process, offering information about large cities, picturesque countrysides, and small villages off the beaten path. This can help travelers who are uncertain about the best option available to them to narrow down destinations and settle on a dream destination for an upcoming vacation.

Many consumers are also unaware of travel agent’s abilities to obtain airfare, hotel reservations, and car rentals at preferential rates. Many agents have contracts or connections within particular organizations that can help score an out of this world vacation for much less than the ticket value. This makes exploring the globe on a budget a much more plausible activity.

Social Media and Travel Agencies

Modern travel agents are increasingly turning to social media as a manner of connecting with customers looking to travel the world. Through content marketing and one-on-one interactions, travel agents are able to reach a wider swatch of individuals looking to embark on vacation. Not only is this beneficial for the travel agent, but it can also help travelers who would never have considered using a travel agency to find a solution for an upcoming vacation.

Exploring different countries and experiencing what other cultures have to offer is an exciting and enjoyable pastime. Travel agents make fantastic travel advisors that can help share that world with everyday travelers who are uncertain how to take the first step. Using the guidance and assistance received, consumers can expect to experience one of the most relaxing and unique vacations they have ever had.

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This post was provided by Kira Simpson, an experienced world traveler. She recommends visiting travel agencies Toronto for the best travel advice. Her favorite chain is Marlin Travel.

When can Travellers Catch New York’s Most Famous Celebrations

New York's Most Famous Celebrations

Start the year in style


The most famous of all events in New York is New Year, when travellers to New York can experience some of the most stunning fireworks in the world and it seems like literally everyone is out celebrating until the morning.  To do New Year properly the outdoor party in New York has got to be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

Winter delights

In January those who travel to New York can catch the Three Kings Day parade, one of hundreds of parades happening in New York through the year, because New Yorkers just love to show off, and certainly do it in style. Chinatown is the venue for the Chinese New Year parade plus festival.

If you are a fan of films, don’t miss the International Children’s Film Festival in February, and if pooches are your thing, the Westminster Dog Show is sure to be an event to remember.

Mad as a March hare?

Nearly as huge as New Year are the massive St Patrick’s Day celebrations in New York, which have 250 years of history behind them; the Parade marks the start of an event filled spring in this energy filled city.

Spring into Spring

There is something for everyone who wants to travel to New York and that is the Tribeca Film Festival, the International Auto Show and another grand event, the Easter Parade down Fifth Avenue.  April also marks the start of the season for the Mets and the Yankees at their New York stadiums.

If you like your entertainment to be a little more genteel visit the Brooklyn Botanic garden to witness the amazing sight of over 200 cherry trees fully blossomed.  After that you can get on your bike and join in the Five Boro Bike Tour, at a mere 42 miles.

Summer is Free in New York

In the summer you can enjoy one free concert after another in Central Park, and in June especially take advantage of the Museum Mile Festival where you can visit museums absolutely free too. There are plenty more parades and festivals to watch and enjoy at your leisure, including the dragon boat racing on Meadow Lake. Be sure to catch the dazzling Fourth of July fireworks.

Fall for New York

Every year the city remembers 9/11 and this is moving experience which never gets any less powerful.  The early Fall also means Fashion Week, and New York moves on relentlessly to Halloween events and a major Village Halloween Parade in October.

Don’t miss the iconic lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in November when you travel to New York as the Thanksgiving Parade, the Comedy Festival and the city’s marathon are all in the same month.

New York’s Winter Wonderland

Then it’s a case of the big build up to Christmas and New Year, where literally millions travel to New York to complete their gift shopping, party season and Christmas preparations.  The major stores all have beautiful window displays and the Christmas lights along the main shopping thoroughfares such as Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue ensure you can overdose on Christmas spirit to your heart’s content.

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I spent a couple of years in New York and really liked the city. This is why, when I got back to my country – Denmark, I decided to start advising people on travels to New York or Rejser til New York as we call it. For any questions, please contact me.